Winter Fashion Forecast: Tights under Shorts
It’s getting to be that time of year again – you’ve got about an hour between getting home from work and the sun’s momentary hibernation and the temperatures are dropping as quickly as the leaves from the trees. Reluctantly, we pack away our floral sundresses and strappy sandals in favor of pea coats and legwarmers, but this winter, you might want to leave your cutoff, embellished, and high-waisted shorts in your closet.
Stocking up on tights and leggings is almost ritualistic for lovers of layers in the early days of autumn. This year, the seasonal custom carries a bit more urgency. Models and celebrities have not been shy in demonstrating that these wardrobe staples are the perfect vehicle for taking our dressy shorts from the dog days of summer to the big New Year’s Eve party.
It doesn’t matter if your style is a bit J.Crew or a little more NastyGal; the tights-under-shorts trend lets fashionistas have their way with mixing texture, color, and pattern to create a look that is all their own. It’s impossible not to notice the influx of printed, colored, and fleece-lined tights on the shelves of every department store, and with the way designers are making them a little more substantial these days (read: warm), it’s almost like this trend was just meant to happen.
For the Throwback Grunge Girl

 Anyone who’s got a taste for more grunge style can adopt the trend the way Miley Cyrus has. Though, admittedly, she took the style a bit too far with the use of garter tights earlier this year, she’s recently been spotted in more typical and to-die-for grunge-chic Miley outfits consisting of a pair of cutoff Daisy Dukes or black denim with black tights underneath.
The top half, in this case, should always be a bit oversized; you can opt for a distressed tee, a boyfriend flannel, or a military jacket and channel the 90’s Nirvana scene. Dark engineer boots bring the whole look together.
For the Indie Girl Next Door
Always a good role model for a hip, indie style is Zooey Deschanel. Her adaptation is frequently seen as she plays the role of Jess on The New Girl and usually consists of black structured shorts with some sort of embellishment, such as gold buttons, and dark (maybe even fleece-lined!) tights underneath. A loose, girly, contrasting sweater or silk blouse will make for the top half, and of course, a pair of oxfords or low pumps to make the outfit appropriate for any occasion.


For the Girly Girl
If you love trendy clothes that are feminine and preppy, you can never go wrong with a pair of khaki or chino-style shorts with light-colored, textured tights underneath. Nude pumps, a cute hat, and a scarf in shades of blush, charcoal, and cream will put you on par with Lauren Conrad and warm up even the most feminine colors for winter.
Layering is an imperative and inevitable aspect of winter style and it isn’t going anywhere. For those who don’t have the space for separate warm-weather and cool-weather wardrobes, warming up shorts with leggings is a compromise for consolidation that no one is going to argue with. Take dark sequined shorts to a holiday bash in the coming months or winterize your denim cutoffs for year-round casual wear. No matter what your take may be, you’ll be as on-point as you are practical when the temperatures decide stay down for good.