UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Sadii

Sadii with her comfy yet feminine style rocks the fashion world as a mom. She stays trendy with her classy and chic tastes. We absolutely love her positivity and great vibes. She treats her body well and sets balance in her life. Her healthy eats are only one of the many pure rituals she practices. We admire her determination and will power. She stays humble to herself and beliefs. Be sure to check her out below

What’re your fav pieces to blog about? What made you get into blogging? 

My favorite pieces to blog about are the journey of motherhood, the upbringing of my daughter, safe, green and non-toxic products for mama and baby. I got into blogging after sharing my first pregnancy updates on Instagram. I received a lot of support from other mothers and it inspired me to consider blogging. Little did I know it would take over my entire focus.

Being a mom must be a huge job in addition to a blogger, how to manage your time?

Definitely it is. Today it took me almost one hour to take one simple shot of a product because my daughter kept coming and bombarding my set-up with her toys or simply was being antsy in trying to get my attention. I manage my time by coordinating better with my daughter’s sleep, nap and play schedule. Otherwise it would be impossible. I schedule most of my workload when she naps and when she sleeps at night, meaning I end up staying up late at night to complete my tasks especially when I have deadlines. I try to distract her with playtime and I quickly squeeze in some work right in between. This method has been working for me thus far. Some days when I am extremely tied up, I ask my husband or sister to watch her for a few hours while I get the job done.

You talk about the “organic lifestyle”, explain more about that to us? 

Before entering motherhood, I rarely evaluated the products I was investing my money on (ranging from food to beauty products and to even clothes). My mom is a big believer of the organic and healthy lifestyle so she always emphasized on it but it only caught my interest when I became a mother myself. I started asking my mom questions and she educated me a lot about the importance of evaluating the products for the sake of our health and wellness. An organic lifestyle is to surround oneself with knowledge of what you decide to purchase, promote and use on a regular basis. As a mother, it becomes even more important because your level of knowledge and decision on the products purchased affects not only yourself but your husband and children. I also like to take it one step further in connecting it with a more spiritual vibe. An organic lifestyle can also include surrounding yourself with positivity. Just as we cleanse our bodies through healthier food, use non-toxic and safe products for a healthier environment, we can also purify our souls. I am a big believer that process will inevitably have a greater impact on the psychological balance of your mental state. And if mama is healthy, then that sets the benchmark for the rest of the family—aka a living, walking and talking example for the kids.

How would you describe your own personal style? 

My style is feminine and comfortable. As my 13-year-old niece says “Sadii, one day you are Miss. Kate Spade classy while other days you are just “tumbler””. I had no idea what tumbler meant until she defined it as cozy, comfortable yet chic. How does she know all this? Teenagers these days surprise me.

Favorite spots in Los Angeles?

There’s a Starbucks right off PCH in Malibu. It has a few shops, made up of modern wood, ocean on one side and hills on the other. It is one of our go-to places for a quick breakfast or if I need to clear my mind and complete some work.

2.    The Getty Center

3.    LACMA

4.    Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood

5.     iPic dine-in movie theater.  

A staple piece in your closet you where way too much? 

At the moment, my PinkBLush ripped maternity skinny Jeans. I can live in them, they are so comfortable and go well with everything. During pregnancy you are only seeking comfort, even in skinny jeans.

What do you hope readers take away from your blog? 

I hope my readers take away inspiration and motivation from my posts. It would make my day to know if even one of my readers were inspired by a story I shared or purchased a product I recommended and it worked for them as well. Or if a reader of mine were to have a bad day and visited my blog, they felt uplifted and motivated to continue and be hopeful for tomorrow. Sending positive vibes through each and every post is my mission.

A trend you hope makes a come-back or never goes away? 

I love lace. I know there was a moment (and somewhat probably is except that I feel velvet may be taking over) where lace was everywhere and everything. I think it is a timeless piece and can always look good no matter what era we are in.

Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you? 

I do not drink. At all. I am against alcohol consumption.  

Favorite quote? 

“Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence”.

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