UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Christina Macpherson

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We’re currently fangirling over model, actress, and writer, Christina Macpherson. Her golden, sun-kissed tresses, and casual bohemia luxe-inspired style create a KILLER Instagram profile (Think an even more fab Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon and Jane Birkin mixed together). Her love of music and writing come across her photos, and tend to conjure up a nostalgic mood-a long gone spring day, your favorite song, the scent of that cologne from that one summer, etc. Can you blame us for crushing on this hot and talented triple threat? We got the chance to find out more about her! See below.

– You’re a writer as well! Where do you find the most inspiration for your writing?

I find inspiration everywhere. Memories from my childhood, books I’ve read, lyrics or music I’ve heard, adventures I’ve had or dream of having. I’m a bit (a lot) of a romantic, and try and see both the beauty & tragedy in everything.  

-What type of genre do you like to write? 

I tend to write short stories with the intention of conjuring up warm, nostalgic memories from the reader; I also write article on issues I find important and/or need addressing. 

– What is your next travel adventure? 

I am very lucky in the fact that I literally live out of a backpack and am constantly on a travelling adventure! The next trip I’m most looking forward to is Japan – a place where I will be completely out of my element (in all the good kind of ways!).  

– How would you describe your personal style? 

I was raised by parents who have fundamental hippy values – and my childhood was shaped with music, poetry and fashion from the 60/70’s so my style is definitely based a lot around that. My family grew up travelling between countries a lot, and because I travel a lot now as a grown up, I’ve learnt to be quite a minimalist in my fashion choices. So, I’m a boho minimalist with a rock & roll edge… is that a thing?!

– What fashion trend(s) are you digging right now?

 I love that a re-invention of the 60/70’s style is back and is being infused with a million other trends; maxi dresses with doc martens, flares with camo jackets, glitter with sneakers etc. I think fashion in general is getting to a place of real diversity and adventure – and I love that.

-What is your favorite UsTrendy product(s)?

I love your cropped gypsy style tops because they can be dressed up or worn casually. I’m a sucker for vintage swimsuits too so love them! At the moment, I’ve been looking for a good jacket to take on my trip to Japan and have spotted the perfect one on UsTrendy – the olive green hooded parka is a perfect staple piece in anyones wardrobe!

– What are the three wardrobe items that are always in your carry-on?

 Always comfy pants – for the plane and to do some exercise/yoga once I’m on the ground to get my circulation going; I also always have my oversized denim jacket that I wear everywhere (casually or, to the annoyance of some of my friends, out on the town!) and my felt hat – a great way to cover week-old-unwashed hair!

 -Who inspires you the most? 

I find talented artists (living or passed) who advocate for change inspiring, people like  Neil Young, Ric’O’Barry & Carl Sagan to name a few. And, of course, my daily inspiration comes from the ones closest to me: my mum for her unyielding love, positivity and  zest for life; my dad for his incredible talent in science, culture, writing & music (the mans a clinical genius!); and my boyfriend and partner in crime – for his overwhelming patience and thirst to keep on learning & adventuring forever. These three people are also all SO hilarious, silly and forever have my back, and its to them I owe all my success thus far.

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