UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Arika Sato

Fashion, beauty and health blogger, Arika Sato is a beautiful familiar face. You may recognize the actress and internet personality from her numerous television appearances, or her widely popular Youtube channel, where she shares all her make up and fitness tips and inspirations. The style guru continues to remain on our radar, so we asked her a few questions and found out all about her #GLAMLIFE. See more below!

-What inspired you to start your blog and social media accounts?

At first I had my blog/social media accounts because I was pursuing a career in journalism. I had my hosting reel up on my youtube channel and my blog was just a platform for my resume and photos. But when I started connecting with other people was what inspired me to keep going. I am in no way an expert in beauty/fashion/fitness and especially relationships, but I truly did feel a special connection with my readers/followers and if I can help people in any way, I wanted to keep doing it!

-What’s your biggest tip for someone who wants to get into fashion industry?

Any goals you have can be accomplished if you worked towards them! Fashion is amazing because everyone has their own unique style and is fashionable in their own way. I would say, stay true to yourself and people will love you for you and your fashion. Find what inspires you, and if you have a passion for fashion, own it and go for it!

-How would you describe your own personal style? My personal style is dressy!

The funny thing is, I have 0 casual clothes. My clothes are not really what people call comfortable – but to me, I am comfortable in it! I wear mostly all neutral colors, whites, blacks, nudes, and grays, with metallic accents in accessories! I also always wear bodycon or form fitting items in at least one of my pieces of my outfits and I do like to dress on the sexier side – but never too much! 

-What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Believe it or not, I used to hate pants! You would catch me wearing pants, probably once or twice a year, besides yoga pants at the gym. But lately I have been into trousers! I got four pairs in the past month and I am loving them! Fitted at the waist but very wide-leg at the bottom are the pants that I have been wearing! I definitely pair it with a tight-fitting/crop top though!

-What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?

For me, the most common thing I hear about me, (from rumors) is that they assume that I am mean, air-headed (because of the barbie-image), and that I am vain. Just because someone works in the beauty, fashion industry, does not mean they are vain, of course, most of us girly-girls or metro-men love to look and feel nice, but a lot of us bloggers/models are here to help others bring out their style. Many of us, including myself love seeing inspiration in other people’s outfits, which helps me get dressed in the morning!  Also, it takes some knowledge to put up these blog posts daily, I do have my Master’s Degree in broadcast journalism from USC where I learned a lot of these skills to keep me blogging!

-Is there someone out there who inspires you fashion-wise?

Literally, everyone! Of course, the Jlo’s and the Kim K’s of the world are some of my favorite fashion icons but sometimes my own friends that I see all the time inspire me to put an outfit together!

-What is your favorite product from UsTrendy?

I am just a dressy girl, so of course all the dresses!

-What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback? 

Denim! Whenever I get sick of denim, there’s always something new/vintage that comes back and it’s in the denim material! _ 

Where do you like to travel?

There’s so many places I haven’t been to and I’d love to travel the world. But Japan is where my parents are from and I do get a lot of inspiration from there as well! Tokyo is where my mom was born and their fashion is more out of the ordinary that what we see in Los Angeles that it gives me inspiration in making my outfits a bit more crazy!

-What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

MY FAMILY!!! They are my everything, my support system, and the foundation to who I have become and becoming everyday! 

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