UsTrendy Trendsetter of the Week: Missy Von Monroe
This week’s UsTrendy trendsetter of the week is Missy Von Monroe! We love her social media sites and her style! Check out her exclusive feature with UsTrendy below! XO
What inspired you to start your youtube channel?
The thing that mostly inspired me to start my own YouTube channel was honestly for fun and to be random I started with my channel way back on 2006-2007 and did it for fun and as a joke then in 2011 I have videos showing when I was in P.E. Dance in High School to just remember dances and something fun. It wasn’t till 2013 when my friend told me to just try it again and take another shot and see where it goes, so I did and now I’m so far from where I was and all the amazing loyalty of fans is what now inspires me to take everything above and beyond to help them with advice, being random, outgoing, makeup ideas, styles, and even video game and music trends.
How would you describe your personal style?
How I would describe my personal style is something unique, when I’m not going to Cosmo school I normally dress Pin Up, Goth, Punk Rock, and I do keep up with the latest styles but add my own twist to everything to make it me. I use the labels not as a stereotype but so people can see that I’m not always like a Barbie Doll but I can if I want too, But I like to be me not someone else trying to be something I’m not. 🙂
What are your favorite fashion trends?
Some of my current fashion obsessions are Military Greens, Black and Whites, One Shoulder outfits, Boyfriend Tees, Neons and Good Old Fashion Band Tees with Leggings and of course with my own twist thrown in there.
What is one thing people would be surprised to hear?
The one thing I know that people would be surprised to hear about me is I tell people how it is, I tell people if I don’t or if I love something, I tell people my real thoughts on fashion trends I don’t sugar coat it, I like to be Real with my fans. If I review something I tell them what I like and if they could improve on whatever it is I’m reviewing from Makeup, Videogames, Clothing, to even Phone Cases.
Who inspires you fashion-wise? 
Some of the main people who inspire me Fashion wise is Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D. All of them are huge Icons, in different decades and are still the most fashionable to this day.
What are some trends you hope stay around forever or make a come back?
Some of the trends I hope stays forever is Pin Up styles they are just elegant and can be flirty, professional, sexy, cute, and can be a daily wearable style and the style I hope makes a comeback to be really honest is styles from the 50’s back then they had big hair like the Page, they had black leather jackets, white Tees, blue Jeans, Combat or just regular boots and shoes. women had high wasted pants, beautiful tool dresses that when you spin around it made a round shape ball gown and showed off curves and hour glass figures and lets not forget that Rosie the Riveter Hair style 🙂 My All Time Go To Hair Style 🙂
What are some places you would love to travel to?
 Some of the places I would love to travel too is Paris, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Germany. Its been a dream of mine to just experience the fashion, food, culture, hairstyles. but for the places I like to travel is the Beach, I try to go to a place called Ocean Shores in Washington State and Disneyland 😉
What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
One of the things I couldn’t live without it might be funny but its true…. is Milk

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