UsTrendy Trendsetter of the Week: Fofo A. AlSaeed
Fofo A. Alsaeed is a natural born Instagram hit. Her jet set lifestyle (she casually splits her time between London and Boston) and her flawless, head-to-toe designer outfits can easily become the envy of any fashionista. The trendsetter graciously answered some of our questions and shared her Instagram profile with us while in between MBA classes (yup, she’s smart too). Read more about Fofo below, and make sure to follow her to get updates on her upcoming fashion blog! 
What inspired you to start your blog and social media channels?
Ever since I was little girl I had an eye for fashion. I would always watch my mother while she was getting ready to go anywhere exciting like weddings or other events. I loved looking at her unique style trends and how she would mix different pieces of clothing together to make it fit her personality so flawlessly. For many years my friends, family and even people on the street would ask me where I bought for my clothing from, like shoes, shirts, and bags. I finally decided I wanted to start a fashion blog to encourage other women how to mix high street fashion and designer brands with their own personality to style it all.
What’s your biggest tip for someone who wants to get into fashion industry?
Be passionate and persistent; be true to yourself and to your viewers.  Don’t claim or be something you’re not, because your true personality will shine in the cloths you wear. This is what makes fashion so special and unique. Always remember people look up to you because they want to see your fashion taste and become inspired by it. This can’t happen if your cloths don’t reflect your lifestyle. If you cant afford Louis Vuitton it’s not a problem; a good fashion blogger works with what they have, not what they wish they had. The most important thing about getting into the fashion industry is to be unique in your own way because there is an overflux of over 200 million bloggers out there. So you make yourself stand out, and don’t be afraid to push the social boundaries.
How would you describe your own personal style?
I wear what I like and what I think looks good on me. You can say that my own personal style is a unique combination of Middle Eastern and the Western clothing.
What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
I am obsessed with fur. Fur has been all over the runway this year and has been the ultimate fashion piece when you want to make a statement.  My other obsession is the high thigh boot, which makes any outfit edgy.
What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?
The one thing people would be surprised to hear about my is that I am an MBA student, who works full time for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as a finance advisor and the fact that I speak more than two different languages.
Is there someone out there who inspires you fashion-wise?
My mother has always been one of my biggest inspirations along with Olivia Palermo.
 What is your favorite product from UsTrendy?
This is hard question because l love all the products from UsTrendy. There is a selection of everything you want to wear with prices you just can’t beat.
What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback? 
 Leopard print or animal print is something I would like to see stay around forever.  Animal or leopard print is something you can wear with almost anything in your closet and the best part is how edgy it makes your outfit look.
Where do you like to travel?
I have been very fortunate to have a family, which travels so much! I have been to some of the most amazing countries in the world with my family. Austria is somewhere I would love to go next.
 What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
My family and sushi.
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