UsTrendy Trend Setter of the Week: Ali Baldassare

This week’s UsTrendy trendsetter Ali Baldassare! Not only a trendsetter in her daily life, but also in the fitness world! Ali’s always been an athlete and has turned fitness into her passion and career! Checkout Ali’s exclusive feature with UsTrendy below! XO

What inspired you to start your pilates and fitness training? 

I grew up as a dancer and an athlete so fitness has always been a huge part of my life from a very young age. When I graduated highschool and began college, my career as a high school varsity basketball player (yes, hard to believe for some people!) came to an end and I didn’t dance has seriously or as much as I once did so the gym became an integral part of my daily life and I immersed myself in group fitness classes.  I found them to be extremely motivating and fun and then one day it just hit me that this is what I’m meant to do.  I want to inspire others, motivate others, and give them the tools, the experiences, the knowledge and the confidence to realize their potential and reach whatever goals they set.  

What’s your biggest tip for someone who wants to get into the fitness industry? 

 Seek out someone to talk to – a friend, a family member or your favorite instructor or trainer, who is already in the industry or may know someone in the industry and ask questions and get some insight on how or where to begin!  Having a mentor is probably the biggest tool in developing yourself in the industry.  Depending on which area of the industry you want to go into, there are different strategies to get you there. Keep in mind, that being on the “student” end of things is different then being the teacher whether it’s a trainer or instructor.  You might LOVE taking Pilates classes which may lead you to think “Hey, I could teach Pilates and get paid for it!  But taking classes and teaching them are two very different things so with that said, I encourage anyone who wants to pursue fitness as either a part time or full time career to go for it! It’s an extremely rewarding experience and there is no shortage of opportunity!    

How would you describe your own personal style?

I love experimenting with style whether its at the gym or outside the gym so I can be all over the map sometimes, but overall my style is simple sexy chic. Sometimes I love just wearing neutral, basic pieces – oversized sweaters or off-the-shoulder tees with jean shorts or leggings.  You’ll see me in a lot of black. That is my go to.  You have no idea how many black yoga pants I own!  Other times I love wearing color – bright, bold color!  I love to combine comfortable with stylish pieces so now that the weather is warmer and when I’m not in some sort of spandex or gym attire, I love wearing maxi dresses, high waisted skirts or shorts with crop tops and bold statement necklaces and lately, my favorite thing to wear when I go out is a bold pink or red lip.  Red lips can sometimes be the perfect accessory to complete your look.  

What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

Cut outs, backless anything, crop tops, rompers and high waisted cut off jean shorts! I’m super obsessed with anything that can give a subtle hit of sexy without revealing too much.  All these styles can be super chic, feminine, flattering and versatile for casual day wear or a night out.  Also, since I teach fitness for a living, I pretty much live day to day in gym clothes and I’m a firm believe in looking good and feeling good in what you’re working out in.  Over the last few years, fitness fashion has become huge! Athletic companies are designing more “lifestyle” apparel and even high end designers are bridging the gap between fashion and fitness and creating pieces with an athletic influence.  The days of working out in a ratty T-Shirt and old gym shorts are long gone.  Nothing against those that still do, but today it’s completely normal to see fashion pieces inside the gym and gym attire out on a Saturday night.  Pairing yoga pants with a backless lace or floral top (another two of my fav trends), slapping on some heels and a red lip makes for a perfect outfit .

What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?

The one thing that I AM surprised to hear is that people think I eat kale and drink green juice all day long  I have no idea what would give people that impression, but I’m always surprised to hear people’s perceptions of me.  I think it comes with the territory of being a fitness professional, but some people might be surprised to hear that I EAT and I eat ALOT! For the most part, I always try to make healthy, clean food choices, and I do enjoy a kale salad and fresh pressed green juice but every so often, I thoroughly enjoy a cheeseburger and fries! Also, I am DYING to go skydiving even though I have a fear of heights.  I have two different color eyes and I already mentioned this, but I played 4 years of varsity highschool basketball and yes, I still have my varsity letter jacket sitting in a closet somewhere at my parent’s house.  I don’t think I EVER wore it! 

 Is there someone out there who inspires you fashion-wise?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one particular person that inspires me — I have many. 🙂

What is your favorite product from UsTrendy?

 This one is tough.  UsTrendy has so many super cute pieces! For simplicity and sexy, I love the Black Open Side Sleeveless romper.  The Resort Style Pant is amazing as well as the Floral Crop Top with Open Center Back!

Where do you like to travel? 

I love to travel, but don’t get the chance to do it nearly as often! I love experiencing new places. Recently, I was just in the Dominican Republic, and over the years I’ve been to a few European countries, but I am dying to go to Paris, Australia and Greece! 

 What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

 Most people would say my phone, but Mascara for sure!