UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Melanie Pace

Melanie Pace is our most versatile trendsetter yet. She’s not defined by one single style because she can pull off any look at any time. A fashionista from the start – to her, great style is common sense. With such a strong knack for the industry, it’s no wonder she’s been so successful. Residing in Orlando only makes her more impressive – she can work in any environment for true fashion lives within her. Her self-motivating work and entrepreneurial attitude will make her the next fashion icon. Be sure to check her out!

Describe your own personal style?

I don’t really have a style. One day I dress feminine and girly and the next day I’m in ripped up boyfriend jeans and a concert Tee. It really depends on my mood and which trend I am following that season. I do love a great bohemian dress though. The key to living – dare I say surviving – in this Florida heat, is a quick “throw on” dress.

Was there a moment when you realized that fashion is the world you belonged in?

I was always the friend that got everyone else ready and then I was rushing to put myself together. I would willingly do everyone’s hair and makeup, would suggest outfits (and not be afraid to tell my friend’s NO to a look), and would be the first to let everyone borrow my clothes. I’d spend hours going through everyone’s stuff just to help them get their perfect outfits together. It’s funny to think back to when I was only 9 years old that at 33, I would still be doing the same thing, but this time I’d be making money.

What has been your best experience in the fashion world?

I would say traveling to LA and styling for Giuliana Rancic of E! news. It was a great experience to freshen up my career. It was exciting, nerve racking, stressful, rewarding, but also a great learning experience. I’m thankful for that opportunity because it helped me become who I am today.

Favorite gym workout exercise?

As much as I complain about the rope slams, I feel those are the best work-out! They workout the butt, the arms, cardio, and the back…. You can basically do a total workout at just that one treacherous station.

Any fashion icons that you look up to? Inspire you?

Rachel Zoe, bloggers of the world that make a killer living by blogging such as @songofstyle, @sincerlyjules, @camilacoelho

Biggest challenge you’ve faced in the industry?

I would say being in Orlando. Being in a city that does sleep, a place where fashion isn’t exactly oozing in the streets, where there aren’t always red-carpet events to attend every night, or a celebrity that lives next door — it sometimes becomes a little difficult to keep a creative business and mindset to bringing fashion to an up-and-coming city. This career hasn’t been easy and people ask me all the time why I don’t move to NYC or LA, and my answer is always the same… why would I? I’ve built irreplaceable relationships in the last 10 years and have incredible long-term clients that I absolutely adore working with, all the while, I get to make a difference in the community and city I grew up in!

Places you’ve traveled that you’ll never forget? What’s next on the list?

London – a 10-day first class trip for work — was the ultimate feeling. We went on a media tour and promoted Orlando Shopping! It was my first out-of-the-country work trip I had been on and I will never forget the feeling of independence, accomplishment and empowerment I felt when I got back — I had true feelings that “this little fashion thing” I started was actually going to work!

Favorite quote?

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck – Dalai Lama

Something your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

I played softball in college. I’m officially 5 feet tall and 33 years-old.

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