UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Lindsi Lane

Lindsi Lane, formerly one of theyoungest Personal Shopper in Barneys New York history, continues to impress as she excels in the fashion industry. She stays true to herself through the journey – never letting others opinions get to her. She’s confident in who she is and what she believes. She’s also an expert traveler who could be ready to go wherever, whenever. Find out more below!

 How’d you come up with So Lindsi? Any meaning behind it?

Absolutely! I was always frustrated by people in the industry who would meet me for the first time and say, “wow, I didn’t think you would be as sweet, warm, and approachable as you are!” This always had me flabbergasted, but I understood that people judged others too quickly based off an instagram photo. It was a wake-up call for me because it meant I wasn’t coming across as I really am through my brand at the time. And with that,  I was set to create a site where my humorous voice and witty approach stood out-the voice behind the photo. I love to write so it was an easy transition and of course the style and television aspect of my world tied in all together. It was the best career move I ever made.

Any recommendations for places to travel to? What’s next on the list?

I love to travel so much and could pick up in ten minutes, have a bag packed, and go anywhere. That’s taken years of practice, ha! My favorite places on earth are Capri and St. Barth. There is just a certain nostalgia and “je ne sais quoi” to them that makes you feel at home; truly heaven on earth and I never want to leave.

I have a lot of fun travel lined up! Next stop is Vegas and after that loads of surprise travel. But I’d really love to travel to Bali one day. It’s at the top of my list.

Is blogging your only job/hobby? What else do you find yourself doing?

I am a full-time blogger, yes, but there is SO much more to me and that’s going on with my brand at the moment that people don’t ever see or know about. I was a fashion stylist and personal shopper for 8 years, rebranded into a style expert doing television work, and now I’m pursuing my TV career full throttle. There is also a lot of other awesome stuff brewing that I can’t discuss at the moment, but you’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂 So Lindsi is definitely bigger than just a blog.

And if blogging was my only hobby, I would lose my mind, haha! It’s always important to take time for yourself and know when to put your phone down, especially being in the digital world. I have tons of passions and hobbies. I’m extremely into fitness and health, I love to travel, try new restaurants (I’m a huge foodie!), I love adventures (I just went trapezing! You have to try it!), and I love spending time with my family and friends. A good support system is everything and I’m rich because of the people I’m surrounded by. I feel very blessed.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I coined the term, “versa-chic”, for myself. It’s really the best way to describe it! Very versatile, always chic, and I’ll add in temperamental. It changes based on my mood and how I feel that morning or throughout the day.

Some upcoming fall must-haves?

Velvet booties, bell cropped jeans, a maxi dress, and anything off the shoulder!

Something in your closest that you wear way too much?

Hmm that’s a toughy. I would say my leather jackets.

I’m a big leather jacket buff. Any color and any style makes me excited, but I do love a great lookin’ jacket with some badass hardware to match.

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

Don’t be so concerned about a like or a comment, just go! Literally, just put it out there and follow your dreams, no matter what. I must say, “just keep going”, a hundred times a day to myself. When you’re always staring at others on social, it can mess with the vision you have for yourself, so be sure to stay focused and true to your style and aesthetic. Remember…what might work for someone else, might not work for you. Always stay true to yourself.

Have you always had a strong passion for fashion?

Oh yes! As I said above, I have a fashion heavy background from being a personal shopper and fashion stylist in the past. I was the youngest Personal Shopper in Barneys New York history and signed with FORD for 3 years as a fashion stylist. I’ve actually been in the industry for 14 years now, which is crazy! If it hasn’t knocked me yet, I would say I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. 😉

What’s a day like in your life?

Always different, always exciting, and it keeps me on my toes. It’s the best job in the world.

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