UsTrendy’s Trendsetter of the Week: Ela Grabowski

The ironically camera shy, Ela Grabowski breaks out of shell into the fashion world. She shares how to proudly own your confidence and face the camera. She constantly pushes herself to be the best she can be.With this attitude she finds herself successfully strutting the hottest styles yet!

What’re some of your upcoming fall must-haves?

Bomber jackets & velvet dresses, which I look forward to styling on my blog very soon.

Best adventure you’ve been on?

Backpacking across Europe with my boyfriend. We managed to visit 5 countries within a month, which included Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, and France. Experiencing all the different cultures in such a short period of time was truly remarkable.

Favorite quote?

I have so many! But one of my favorites is “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” –Aldous Huxley

Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I’m actually super shy when it comes to taking photos, which may come as a surprise considering I have a fashion blog, but what better way to step outside your comfort zone.

What’s a trend you hope makes a comeback/never goes out of style?

Off the shoulder tops! It’s a trend that I think will be staying with us for a while. Chokers are also a trend that I’ve fallen in love with recently.

Staple piece in your closet that you’ll never get tired of?

White sneakers. They’re classic and pretty much go with everything. I think you can get away with wearing them all year around.

What’s left on the bucket list?

I still have so many things I want to do and accomplish. A few would be to travel and invest more time in my blog. It’s the one thing I’m truly passionate about and feel as though it’s a place I can escape and feel at ease.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced in the industry?

Since I started blogging I’ve had a hard time connecting with other bloggers locally and finding the right events to attend. I definitely hope to start networking more locally, whenever I can find the time.

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers in the industry because it will only set you back. Instead, seeing other bloggers succeed should motivate you and help push you to keep creating great content for your readers.

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