Swimsuit Season and the Bikini Alternative

With swimsuit season just a few weeks away, chances are you’re freaking out for one reason or another. Some girls take this opportunity to cram in all the working out they avoided for the past five months, while others are getting anxiety about the dreaded bathing suit shopping.

Take a deep breath, girls – there’s no reason to fret. Looking killer in a suit is 80% attitude, and if bikinis aren’t your thing, there are plenty of unique styles of swimsuits that allow you to flaunt your style, even when you take off your chic coverup.

Vintage-inspired swim silhouettes will always be flattering, chic, and not-too-skimpy. The vertical stripes on the top half give the illusion of a thinner torso, and what girl doesn’t want that? This gorgeous belted one-piece is a necessity for a retro girl’s summer wardrobe, and not just for splashing around: try throwing a pair of jeans or a skater skirt over the bottom and take it right to an outdoor party or the bar for post-beach drinks!

If you do have an unexplainable love for the bikini, but not so much for showing skin, you’re in luck: high-waisted, Marilyn Monroe-esque suits are so in style this season. How cute does Drew Barrymore look rocking just her hip-hugging bottoms, a top-knot, and some retro shades from her trip last month? These two-pieces are figure-forgiving on girls of any shape or size, which is why we love it.


And for girls who do love to show skin, but want to stand out in a sea of bikinis, we say more power to you! Try going for a one-piece with plenty of cutouts and embellishments – we love this style that’s asymmetrical, colorful, and simply visually interesting. Don’t think for a second you can’t pull it off; suits like this show you can be a show-stopper anywhere you go.