Style in the Key of Comfort: The Fashion Sweatshirt

It’s ironic how the same people who – five years ago, maybe – might have said they’d never be caught dead even food shopping in a crew neck sweatshirt are now donning them proudly with shorts, heels, and a statement necklace. Fashion has gotten pretty cozy lately – just see some of the looks coming down the runway for Fall 2013, which feature chunky knit sweaters and soft trousers – but the rise of the sweatshirt trend takes it to a whole new level. 

 While you could certainly find a way to make a worn-in ex-boyfriend crewneck into a shabby chic piece, the sweatshirts we know and love have been given a whole new meaning. With current and trendy details like studs, embroidery, elbow patches, prints, and a variety of different shapes, these aren’t sweatshirts you’re going to leave in the trunk of your car in case of emergency.

But if you think you’re going anywhere but the gym in when pairing your sweatshirt with leggings and sneakers, think again. Like Olivia Palermo wore hers with a tiered pleated skirt and pointy pumps, accessorizing and dressing up the once ever-so-casual piece is what makes this trend a novelty we’ve yet to get sick of. There are a few ways you can get in on the trend, depending on the type of style you typically embody. With the right embellishments, a fashion sweatshirt is easy to pair with distressed jeans and sneaker wedges; but you could just as easily go with black leather shorts, a statement necklace and a platform sandal.

That’s the beauty of such a basic piece – whether you’re kitschy or cutesy or high-fashion or street, such a simple silhouette is easy to play around with. But what’s better than that? Even if you drop big bucks on a designer style, you’re still getting a pretty good cost-per-wear. Put an oxford button-down underneath and pair the piece with trousers for an easy casual Friday look, then take it to the bar by switching in a lace pencil skirt. Despite being a fashion piece, the sweatshirt will never not be comfort-first, so the cost-to-use ratio will always balance out in your favor.

Fashion Sweatshirt

What’s your favorite way to accessorize your embellished sweatshirt?