Lana Del Rey: Cop her Look

Lana Del Rey is rad. She’s one of those people you kind of want to hate because she would look good in an old newspaper if she wore one and she’s unfairly talented, not to mention she’s just gorgeous. But you can’t hate her, because you know you’ve had your fair share of shower or steering wheel jam sessions to Born to Die after a bad day…and it’s okay, we all have.

But you know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. You can look as good as Lana; as chic as her style is — which ranges from cute dresses to modern grunge — it’s still simple. Her street style is especially accessible – try this one out!

                                       Street Style



Retro-Girly Hair



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It’s hard not to love Lana’s locks. They’re soft, feminine, and vintage-inspired; sporting flowers, headbands, and hats, she’s got an effortless look but there’s never a hair out of place. Get it for yourself! You just need some heat protecting spray, some flexible hold hairspray, a vented brush, and waving tongs. Start with dry hair, then:

  • Separate into even, one-inch square sections all over the head
  • Spray a section with heat protectant
  • Use the tongs on top of the hair rather than underneath; twist and wrap each section of hair around the tongs and hold for 10-15 seconds or until hair gets hot
  • Repeat for entire head
  • Brush out with a vent brush, add hairspray, and use smoothing serum if necessary
  • Use a Lana-inspired accessory of your choice!

Natural/Classic Vintage Makeup

Her makeup always looks classic, chic, and, most importantly, flawless. Here are some tips for getting her look:

  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, but doesn’t add any extra bronze or shimmer
  • Put an emphasis on making your brows dark and straight – brown eye shadow
  • and an angle brush should do the trick

  • Prime your eyes and add a matte base close to your skin tone all over the lid
  • Create a strong contour in the crease of the lid with dark brown or charcoal gray, then blend, blend, blend!
  • Use a gel liner to create a wing on the outer edge of each eye, then connect the outer tip of the wing with a line across your lashes as you’d normally line
  • With a detail brush, use some black eye shadow on the lower lash line
  • Use tons of mascara!
  • Contour the cheeks with contour powder and a peachy blush
  • Choose a lip color that’s either nude and glossy or full-on matte red