Dress for Fashion and Success at Work

Do you ever feel like your day-to-day attire seems to stay the same? Once you settle into your routine at work, it can seem like you clothes settle with it. If you have eclectic and loud fashion, dressing for work can seem stifling and boring. You have your few button-down shirts, your nice pair of pants, and your typical suit coat and business skirt. It’s important to look professional at work, but professional doesn’t automatically have to mean boring. You can look like you’re ready for a day at the office without having to cycle through the same few outfits every week. If you want to add some excitement to your day-to-day attire, follow these tips.

Ban certain clothing

If the main reason that you’re worried about your work wardrobe is because you don’t want to look inappropriate, you just have to make sure that avoid wearing certain things. To avoid an awkward situation, ban these items from your work attire:

  • tube tops
  • sheer clothing
  • short skirts
  • shirts that ride up
  • shorts

Some people may try to cover up a low cut top with a sweater or a tube top with a button down, but that won’t be able to work forever. It’s easier to avoid some “problem” items in your wardrobe altogether.

Find unique versions of your current clothes

Some people have trouble adding some spice to their work wardrobes because they think they’ll need a completely new wardrobe. Sometimes, you only need to change up a few things to make your outfits more exciting. If you’re tired of plain, old button downs, look for unique button down shirts with a lace collars, ruffles, or prints. If you want to put a spin on your usual business suit, find some quality vintage clothing stores and look for retro versions of suits.

Add some color


The easiest way to improve your work wardrobe is add a little more color to it. A lot of typical work clothing comes in shades of navy, beige, gray, and black, so it can be easy to stick to a rather bland color palette. You can add some of your favorite bright colors to your work attire as long as you balance them out with more traditional hues. Slip on a hot pink scarf when you wear your favorite business suit, or wear a bright colored shirt underneath your usual black jacket.