Cool like Kimbra
I’m not sure there’s a word that describes Kimbra’s style more than cool. If you think you don’t know who she is, you probably do – she’s the female voice featured in “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye, and she’s one of our most loved style icons. The way she rocks a black bob with straight-across bangs and a bold red lip on the reg makes us think we’ll never look as good as her…but we’re definitely going to try. Wanna cop her style? Try these tips.
Don’t Fear the Collar
Kimbra loves herself a good collar, and you should too. Pointy collars, peter pan collars, lace collars – anything goes when embracing her style – and if you’re rocking a button-up, you’ve got to button it all the way to the top for the cool cred. Lucky for you, this look is pretty trendy right now – you can even buy collar necklaces and wear them over any old top for an easy but put-together look.
Simple but Embellished
You don’t have to be incredibly brave by wearing hard angles and highly-defined shapes like Kimbra tends to do with her dresses – but you do have to have an eye-catching detail. Straight, simple, sequin dresses and tank tops with that trademark red lip are a great place to start, but once you get more comfortable, try embracing her love for funky patterns and colors, too.
Raid your Grandma’s Closet
Don’t be afraid to get a little kitschy! Sometimes Kimbra’s fits look kind of like a couch or the blouse your grandmother wore in her graduation photo, but when done properly, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Check out how she plays around with different fabrics using classic fits and styles to make them work.
And of Course…Find Your Red. 
Remember our blog post where we dismissed all your concerns about leaving the house with red lips? Yup – pull up that bad boy for reference because you can’t pull off this cool chick’s vintage vibe without a bold-colored pout. The key to pulling off such a style is confidence, and nothing says confident like wearing it on your face!