Behind the Seams: Her Velvet Vase

Her Velvet Case, our hottest new addition joins UsTrendy! They’re classically chic yet extremely charming. Their products are flattering, femininely tailored clothing. They love the metallics which will make you stand out from a crowd. Find out more about them below.

What was the inspiration behind Her Velvet Vase?

Enter Singapore 2007: The local fashion scene then was nothing like it is now. Online shopping was still a niche concept amongst Singaporeans, and two sisters felt that the clothing options available then were far too limited – if they weren’t to their tastes, or were ubiquitous. They wanted to offer Singaporeans a more unique alternative – one that included heightened convenience as well as a wider variety of chic, practical and femininely tailored clothing. And thus, Her Velvet Vase was born.

Any trends you’re really digging at the moment?

Metallics! We’ve always been magpies and love the idea of adding an intergalactic sheen to an outfit to make it pop.

What is your favorite item you’re selling this season?

We’re raving over the Two-piece Metallic Bodycon Dress! It’s on-trend and promises great versatility – layer the top with a plunge V-neck tee or an over-sized tank for a great off-duty ensemble, or pair the skirt with a silky white blouse or rad leather jacket. Want a dinner look? We’d go with a white over-sized blazer and belt, with a box clutch to match. We love the possibilities with this gem!

Any muses/social media influencers you love?

If there’s anyone we look up to, it would be Emma Watson. She embodies all the ideals of our brand – she’s grounded, classically chic yet possesses a charmingly modern and progressive mindset.

What is the best life/career/fashion advice you received? 

Career advice: “Learn to listen”. Empathy is the first, most powerful step when it comes to creating a solution to any problem.

What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?

Our HVV leather-bound notebooks. Our minds are always running astray and when you have a notebook to write down ideas as they whiz by it can be lifesaving! We also love our notebooks because they help us remember and retain information much more easily than keying notes electronically.

Tell us more about Mag and Clare, their background in fashion, etc.! 🙂

Surprisingly enough, Clare is an Industrial Psychology graduate. The idea of Her Velvet Vase dawned upon her in her final year at Monash University, and she started running the online store concurrently with her finals. Ever since her graduation, she’s pursued Her Velvet Vase full-time and hasn’t looked back.
Mag is pursuing her Fashion Degree major at Parsons the New School of Design. Both of them had never had prior experience in Fashion, Business or Retail before pursuing Her Velvet Vase as a hobby. Each career skill was built from the ground up while out on the field. It was incredibly daunting at first and they’ve made countless mistakes, but the experience has been invaluable.


Check out their collection below!