Are You a Skyler White or a Marie Schrader?: What Wardrobe Color Schemes Say About Breaking Bad Characters and You

Maybe you’ve seen these pictures floating around in one of the many, many plot theory articles about the AMC TV show, Breaking Bad. Maybe you’re not as obsessed with the show as you should be, and you’ve missed them. Either way, you can’t deny that it’s pretty interesting – as the show gets darker and darker, so does Skyler White’s wardrobe, though she always tends to stick with blue tones. Marie, however, seems to have a wardrobe that consists entirely of medium purple.

So are you a Skyler, or are you a Marie?

You probably don’t realize it, but you most likely have a color scheme in your wardrobe. I know I do – I tend to stick with black, white, gray, and navy. The one time I ventured to buy a pastel orange shirt, I almost never wore it because I felt like it didn’t “go” with anything. It’s kind of subconscious, but we’re drawn to certain colors by intuition.



Some people, like Skyler, tend to be drawn to colors depending upon what they’re feeling. Not to spoil anything from anyone who’s late to the Breaking Bad game, but things start to get a little dark for Skyler in Season 3. She gets a bit cold and depressed, and so does her wardrobe. She’s an emotional dresser.

Marie does occasionally dress in a way that reflects her mood – just after her husband’s life was endangered, she wore black for a few episodes. But, for the most part, it seems as though she wears what makes her feel good, and therefore, her wardrobe is pretty monochromatic.

What’s in a Color Scheme?

Most color schemes consist of three color sets: neutrals, base colors, and accent colors. Neutrals are your colors that go with everything – white, brown, black, navy, gray, nude, even chambray – and, yes, people do have their choice neutrals. I almost never wear brown or tan; for some people, that’s all they wear. Base colors are the hues that you tend to go for; a lot of people stick to a color family such as jewel tones, earth tones, pastels, or, like Marie, all purple. Any color that you own but don’t wear that often is probably not one of your “base” colors, and if you weed those out, you’ll have a way easier time getting dressed in the morning. Your accents are colors you might not typically wear as a shirt or a dress, but you have no problem accessorizing with. For example, I like coral-colored jewelry but don’t own any coral clothing. It’s my way of wearing that color without going too crazy.

Once you figure out your color scheme, it’s easier to shop, it’s easier to put outfits together, and it’s easier to not be pestered by that one garment that wants to be worn but you never actually put it on. You might even love neon party dresses on someone else, but if you actually owned it, you’d find that it’s not for you. Your color scheme also helps you to dress for your mood or to make yourself feel good – depending on whether you’re a Skyler or a Marie – so sticking with it takes the stress out of getting dressed!