9 Fashion Infographics Fit for Fashionistas

I was enjoying the morning coffee while stumbling though design related tags on StumbleUpon when I found a great post about information design and infographics which I enjoyed tremendously. The post showcases some sublime design by some very talented artists and is definitely worth exploring further when you done here 😉


Successful Information Design Infographic

The post also made me wonder about the existence of clever, cute or similarly swanky designs specific to fashion, style or the clothing industry in general. Initially pickings seemed a little slim, but after some digging I’m happy share what I found as this’s post – 9 Fashion Infographics Fit for Fashionistas, enjoy.

The Hipster Fashion Cycle Infographic

Designed by Emily Miethner this tongue-in-cheek infographic deconstructs the natural cycle of hipster fashion, using the example of a hat.



The Hipster Fashion Cycle Infographic

The History of New York Fashion Week Infographic

This infographic titled “Fashion Week Timeline, Trends, Treasures and Trash” looks at the history of New York Fashion Week and where it all began. See which trends bombed and which styles defined their decade. Discover the worst fashion faux pas of all time and discover how much do the models actually weighed.



History of NY Fashion Week Infographic

Michelle Obama’s Impact on the Fashion Industry Infographic

Michelle Obama creates an unprecedented amount of value for the companies that make and sell the clothing she wears. This infographic feature by David Yermack examines the influential role of celebrities on the Fashion industry, specifically how public figures like Michelle Obama have the power to move markets.



Michelle Obama’s Fashion Impact Infographic

Laver’s Law of Fashion Infographic

James Laver was a gentleman and a scholar and was once described as “the man in England who made the study of costume respectable.” This data visualization explores some his ideas about the way we dress and some of his thoughts on the subject in a very interesting and elegant way.



Laver’s Laws of Fashion Infographic


The History of Fashion Infographic

This infographic takes a fun look at the fashion industry and style through the ages by describing a history of fashion trends as silhouettes. Simple, fun, elegant and educational!



The History of Fashion Silhouettes Infographic

Swimwear as a Fashion Over the Decades Infographic

Women’s swimwear has changed drastically over the last hundred years. This sexy infographic takes a look at skimpification (yes, it’s a word) of swimwear styles over the past 10 decades, from the full-coverage gowns that revealed very little to the string bikini that is so popular today.



History of Women’s Swimwear Inforgraphic

Fashion Through the Decades Infographic

Here’s an opportunity to brush up on your fashion history with a great infographic that explores the classic, no frills styles of the ’50s, to the bohemian hippy look of the ’70s and right back to classic sophisticated lines of the present day.



Fashion Through the Decades Infographic

Where the Wealthy Shop Online Infographic

Some surprises here in this Infographic gem that examines the buying habits of wealth online shoppers. I would never have said that Macy’s does 100k more business from high end clients that Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus combined. Looks like mid-range stores like Kohl’s and JC Penny are reaching more affluent shoppers online than before.



Where the Wealthy Shop Online Infographic

Music & Fashion Trends (1920–2008) Infographic

Music and Fashion have always been closely linked. This infographic shows the popularity of musical genres from 1920–2008 and compares it to the fashion of each decade.



Music and Fashion Trends Infographic

Well, that’s what I managed to find, I hope you enjoyed the collection. If you know of any others please do tell or share them with the US Trendy crew on StumbleUpon, Facebook or Twitter or in the comments below if they’re enabled – I’d love see them.