3 Big Fashion Mistakes People Make at Clubs
Is there anyone that doesn’t love having the occasional night out on the town? Sometimes even the staunchest homebodies are unable to resist the allure of going out with a few friends and dancing the night away at the hottest bars and clubs. Everybody needs to be able to let loose and have a good time, and you’ll want to make sure that you look good when you’re doing it. Dressing for the club can be a lot more difficult than it looks, however. The right sequined dresses can make you look and feel glamorous, but they can be spoiled by the wrong accoutrements. If you’re going out soon, make sure you avoid these easy-to-make fashion mistakes.


Using too much makeup

Traditional rules state that dramatic makeup should be reserved for the nighttime, and a club seems to be the perfect place to try out your newest and boldest look. There’s nothing wrong with donning a flashy new eyeshade or dark lipstick, but if you pair the two together it may be a bit too much. Pick one area of your face you want to draw attention to (lips, eyes, cheekbones), and focus on going a little wild there. Sometimes all you need to look great is one dramatic feature, not a whole face of new makeup styles.

Showing too much skin

Backless dresses, low cut tops, and short skirts seem to be in the dress code for some clubs. When you’re spending the night dancing and drinking it’s nice to wear something light, but if you make the mistake of showing off too much skin you may regret it. The club isn’t just the perfect place for a fun night out; it’s also a prime venue for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Tiny skirts can easily ride up on the dance floor and show off more than you are comfortable with, and certain low-cut tops are unreliable when dancing. Don’t go overboard with revealing clothing. As with your makeup, choose a body part you’d like to highlight and focus on showing that off in a flattering way.

Wearing denim

Before you start to argue about how denim can be highly fashionable, you need to realize that, with regards to clubs, not wearing denim has little to do with style and a lot more to do with dress codes. When clubs have dress codes, almost all of them have some kind of rule about denim. If you’re planning on going to a club that’s popular or trendy, forget about wearing jeans. You can always double check before you head out to see if your destination has a dress code, but it may just be easier to avoid denim altogether.