2013 Smells Kinda Like Teen Spirit

Every now and then you’ll see a No Doubt video on TV or an episode of Boy Meets World and get a wave of nostalgia. The 90’s were a beautiful time filled with mom jeans, scrunchies, and neon windbreakers… or, certain components of a wardrobe that should never come back. Really, though, how often do you look back on your pictures from middle school and think, “Oh, God, why?” It’s pretty inevitable.

But you gotta admit, the 90’s were B.A. in a certain kind of way that we’re not quite ready to shake yet. Some of the trends are just so cool that we refuse to



just let them die. And while, yes, sometimes it can seem dangerous to bring back an old style if you aren’t sure you know the difference between vintage dresses and dated ones, but trust us, with some of the styles from this notorious decade, it’s hard to go wrong.

Like, for example, the pairing of cute dresses with Dr. Martens or combat boots. Seriously, how can you pass that up?



Put a tomboy touch on a girly outfit with this pairing. Play around with scrunched socks, denim or leather jackets, and hats for an even more 90’s vibe. Get the look – Steve Madden Troopas with Floral Dress.




Or how about some dark lips? Our style icons Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore weren’t afraid to go for it (and, you know, we’re pretty sure they still aren’t). There’s something so glam about going a little goth, but you can totally girl it up by pairing your plum-shaded kisser with lighter colors and flowier silhouettes if you want.


Try out MAC’s “Diva” lipstick to channel these lovely ladies in your next going out-fit. Try out MAC’s “Diva” lipstick to channel these lovely ladies in your next going out-fit.

And finally, you can’t argue that flannels have stood the test of time. It’s okay to admit that you went through a phase where you wished to be a female Kurt Cobain…we all did, and some days, we still kinda do. I mean, can you even tell which of these pictures is from the 90’s and which is from last year? (Okay…maybe the hair gives it away).