"Inner Peace" Healing Necklace 49309

by Adina - Eight Energies





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This necklace is for you when you - feel out of balance - feel stressed out - feel frustrated and sad - need mental stability - want to see the bright side of life - want to eliminate negativity - want to clear damaging thoughts - unify & balance all aspects of your life MORE ABOUT THIS PIECE: Finding inner peace is the most important journey you could ever set out in life. Inner peace allows you to see the world around you as it is - without any desires, frustrations or stress. CHRYSOPRASE is known as the stone of hope and rejuvenation. He lightens up dark days and gives courage to live and take on new challenges in life. Its warm, apple-green color and natural chemical composition helps to clarify the mind, clear damaging thoughts and detoxify body and soul. The mind starts to relax, circulation calms down and a feeling of deep inner peace is created. It will help you gain a feeling of security & faith in god. SUNSET JASPER supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of tranquility & wholeness. It unifies all aspects of life. Sunset Jasper increases mental stability, stabilizes the aura & eliminates negativity. It centers, grounds and strengthens when life seems out of balance and control. Sunset Jasper is a „supreme nurterer“ that helps feeling enthusiastic with a zest for life. THE EIGHT refers to the concept of infinity. It symbolizis the nature of reality where everything is interrelated and only exist as part of a web karma and its effect. It surrounds you with the feeling of unity and infinite possibilities in life. AFFIRMATION “I NOW feel deep inner peace & serenity.�?

material: 6mm Sunset Jasper, 6mm Chrysoprase, 925 Silver
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