Made by the Sun Necklace - Baltic amber nuggets in crocheted 19356

by Ewelina Olesinska





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"Amber is like a time capsule made and placed in the earth by nature herself," said David Federman, author of the Consumer Guide to Colored Gemstones. He’s right! Amber was made by the sun using natural sap of ancient trees. It holds the energy of millions of years and is unbelievably warm and noble. This amazing collar was crocheted with thin red brass wire. Its main embellishment are beautiful large amber nuggets that look like they were caught into fish net. The clasp is handmade using one of the nuggets. The necklace is very shiny and full of positive energy! It’s delicate and lightweight, yet elegant and attractive! Dimensions: Circumference: approx. 47 cm (18.5�?) Width of the collar: 2.5 cm (1�?) Each bead measures approx. 20 mm (6/8�?) >>This item is ready to ship! You will receive the exact item shown on pics<< ~~~ I’m proud to offer my fresh, original and avant-garde designs! ~~~ Enjoy! © Eveldorado, 2011. All rights reserved.

material: red brass wire, baltic pressed amber nuggets, creativity, passion, joy
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