UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Johanna Grange


The driven Johanna Grange has loved fashion from the start. She knows how outfits express your mood and can easily be changed by day. Her own personally style is extremely versatile – one day it’s heels, the next it’s sneakers. On top of that, she’s a hustler. She stands as an entrepreneur, successfully running her own company with her grit and grind. We all admire her for her persistence and structure. She sure has her plate full and manages it beautifully.  Find out more about her below!

Have you always been in love with fashion?

Yes, ever since I was a little girl and would watch my mom get ready for date night. I love how you can dress for your mood and change your entire aesthetic from girlie to tough at the drop of new accessories.

Favorite place you’ve traveled? What’s next on the list?

By far, Thailand. Next I head to Mexico with some local influencers to explore the country in a less touristy way. I am very excited.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I change a lot which makes sense given that I am a Gemini. I am equal parts girlie and love a good dress as much as my inner badass loves rocker tees and leather. Heels during the week, Adidas on the weekends.

A trend you hope never goes away/ makes a comeback?

I love OTS tops, it’s a nice change up from tanks. And I hope overalls never come back. It’s pretty hard to pull off unless you have a body like Gisele.

What’s a day in the life of Johanna look like?

Oh gosh, it’s busy and planned down to the minute. I start by getting up at 5:10am and dressing in the dark for my SPIN class. I return an hour later, shower and start my morning snuggles with the kids while making breakfast and getting them dressed for school, hair, teeth…the works. I drop off my eldest to school and return to start answering some emails. My littlest leaves at 8:30am and I usually start conference calls, pitches or commuting to meetings and photoshoots. I return every day by 4:30 to let our nanny go and put my mom hat back on. Dinner, homework, showers and snuggles and the kids are back in bed by 7:30. Once everyone is settled I am back on the computer to do the next day’s blog post, respond to clients or blog emails or work on RFPs for my company, Oak Street Social – I try to hit the hay by 11 at the latest and then it starts all over again!

Describe yourself in three words?

Driven, exhausted and grateful

What do you hope your readers take away from your blog?

I hope they know I don’t take myself too seriously and it’s possible to have it all…look great, feel great, love your career and still enjoy your husband and family. It’s all about time management and appreciating everyday.

What made you get into blogging?

I am a journalist by trade and needed a creative outlet during a particular rough patch in my life.

Tell us about your career path?

I left a graduate of broadcast journalism but elected to live in one big city, Chicago, to pursue more opportunities. I entered the advertising world and stayed for several years before I launched my sales career in the startup community ranging from luxury beauty to the restaurant industry. All the while I maintained freelance work managing social media for my clients and I was good at it. Three years ago a dear friend and I launched our own company and it’s been nonstop ever since. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love what I do and I am never bored.

What’s your favorite quote?

“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.” – Unknown

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Samantha Sheinson


Samantha Sheinson, this soon to be bride, struts the streets of New York City. Spot her in a vintage or consignment store finding that hidden gem that will leave you wanting more! She keeps an open mind in the fashion world – never judging a store by it’s brand, but rather appreciating each piece of clothing regardless of what’s on the tag. Her attitude is perfect for truly making the best of everything and never judging a book by its cover. We love her curious and creative vibes. She aims to live life to the fullest. Be sure to find out more about her below!

What made you get into blogging?

I originally began blogging as a platform to express my styling and merchandising efforts while job hunting. I was working in buying at the time with hopes to move into a more creative professional role. I had limited experience in styling and felt by showcasing my creative talents via online, it would act as a styling portfolio.


How’s New York City treatin’ ya?

I love New York City. I have lived here for almost six years and cannot imagine a better place to live.


We noticed your bridal section of your blog – how’s the planning?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. Fortunately, I have a very involved fiancé who has been amazing during the whole process. We continue to cross items off our list each week.


Did you go to school for fashion?

I did not study fashion in school. I majored in Art History and thought I wanted to work for a gallery or get a master’s degree in Art History. After an internship in PR for Fendi, I was hooked on fashion.


Hobbies? Other passions?

Most of my passions revolve around fashion. I love vintage store and consignment store shopping. I get the greatest thrill from finding a hidden treasure.


Have you always had your heart set on fashion?

I always loved fashion, but wasn’t sure if it was going to be a career. There are so many different professions within fashion and finding the right genre certainly took time.


Some upcoming summer must-haves?

Tassels, pom-poms and sparkles! I would not say my style is necessarily bohemian, but I look forward to incorporating boho trends in a glamorous way within my summer wardrobe.


A trend you hope makes a come-back or never goes away?

I am waiting for fur lined mules to go out of style. I think they make the foot look like it is growing hair.


Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I do not discriminate when it comes to shopping. I get as a much a thrill shopping at Target as I do Saks.


Favorite quote?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain


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UsTrendy’s Trendsetter Takeover; Rach DiMare: Susan G. Komen – Race for the Cure

One of our fav trendsetters returns, Rach DiMare! We loved her passion for fashion that we had to hear more from her.  Her positive vibes and strong minded attitude are extremely admirable. She knows that confidence is the key to creating your own style and loving yourself entirely. She’s a fighter both in the field of fashion and life – as she battles breast cancer every day. She’s truly touched our hearts. Below, she takes over our blog and shares her piece, “Susan G. Komen – Race for the Cure” Check it out below!





As someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer, I am always actively searching for organizations that are making strides to fight & cure breast cancer. One of the most prominent organizations is Susan G. Komen, and I firsthand experienced that their awareness & funding is why I am living right now. However, there is still a lot of work to do. Going through treatments, I can tell we are so close to finding a cure. The unfortunate part is that more funding is needed. Just one of my drugs easily gave me sticker shock. So just imagine the cost of curing cancer.  I know it in my heart that with more awareness and sufficient funding, we will have the cure.

Here is how you can help. As someone based in Chicago, on Mother’s day, Susan G. Komen will host an annual race in Chicago called Race for the Cure. By participating in this race, you are helping Susan G. Komen achieve their vision – A World Without Breast Cancer. If you are a Chicagoan, 75% of the funds received from the race will stay within Chicago. I currently get my treatments in Chicago and this would mean so much to me and many other Chicagoans diagnosed with cancer. I live in fear every day that my cancer would metastasize. This can be prevented if we have the the technology to treat and prevent it.

This race also means a lot to me because almost 5 years ago I ran this race (this was before I was diagnosed with breast cancer). What most of you don’t know is that I was an avid runner and I enjoyed running long distance. 5 years ago I signed up to run the 10K Race for the Cure. The morning of the race, I was hesitant to go. It was cold, windy, rainy, and recovering from an allergic reaction to cats. However, I dragged myself to the race. Right when the race started my bladder decided it was full and needed to release. Each stride made it more and more difficult to hold it in.  But I kept going and I kept pushing. The rain didn’t help because it amplified the fact I had to go to the bathroom and for some reason I kept missing the porta-potty. I was in pain (and you all know how hard it is to hold your bladder when you have to go THAT bad). There were several times I considered quitting. But I kept pushing. Eventually I crossed the finish line. And you know what? I never felt so accomplished and I forgot I had to go to the bathroom. I ran my personal record and overall finished in 3rd place! Looking back and knowing what I went through with chemo and my current treatment regimen, the race resembled my cancer journey. Every pain and every suffering makes me want to give up but somehow I still strive to keep going on. I know in my mind there will be a finish line to cross and that finish line is finding a cure.

I hope that wherever you are that you consider participating in the Race for the Cure. You don’t need to be a runner or a super athlete. Just being there and supporting a cause for a lot of women who are diagnosed can make such a difference.

xo RD

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Janine Jahnke


Janine, the adventurous fashionista travels around the world spreading her laid-back, sporty yet elegant style. We admire her taste and advice. She shares her secrets, staying true to yourself and avoiding buyers remorse – encouraging us to make sure our outfits reflect who we are. She understands how everyday outfits tells a story for others to read. Fashion is a true expression of who you are so have fun with it! Be sure to find out what else she has to say below!

A few words to describe yourself?

My name is Janine, I am 21 years old and I am from Munich, but I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I would describe myself as adventurous, travel addicted and passionate when it comes to the things that I love.


Has fashion always been a passion of yours?

To be honest it actually only started around 3 years ago that I discovered my passion for fashion. Before I never really put much thought into my outfits. I think at some point I just realized how much better I feel when I wear something that looks nice and that truly captures my character. Putting on a different look can change how people perceive you- it is like acting and slipping into a new role just by wearing something that you usually don’t.


Is blogging your only job?

At the moment it is. I will start university this year, which is very exciting for me, but I will definitely continue blogging. In the future I would like blog full time alongside with owning my own business.


Some hobbies of yours readers would be surprised to hear about?

I love water sports. Wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing- you name it. The beach is my happy place and the power of the ocean and the water just have something magical about them. No other place clears your mind like the ocean does.


Best place you’ve traveled to? What’s next on the list?

My favourite places have to be Cape Town and Bali. I still have so many more places that I want to see though: India, Mexico, New Zealand- the list goes on. Up next is Switzerland though, where I will go skiing with my sister, which is going to be such a fun contrast to our beach life in Cape Town.


Some of your winter must-haves?

My winter favourites are grey knit pullovers (call me boring, but that’s all I wear) and my fluffy leopard coat.


How would you describe your own personal style?

My style is laid-back, sporty with elegant details. Also I am a sucker for surprising pieces such as dungarees.

Favorite quote?

“One day you will stories to tell our excuses to talk about.”


A tip you would pass along to other fashionistas?

Before you buy anything, always ask yourself: “Does this piece reflect who I am or who I want to be style wise?” If not, it is not the one.


Something you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself?

Don’t cry over boys who don’t text you. If it starts off as a struggle it will never work out.


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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Sadii


Sadii with her comfy yet feminine style rocks the fashion world as a mom. She stays trendy with her classy and chic tastes. We absolutely love her positivity and great vibes. She treats her body well and sets balance in her life. Her healthy eats are only one of the many pure rituals she practices. We admire her determination and will power. She stays humble to herself and beliefs. Be sure to check her out below!


What’re your fav pieces to blog about? What made you get into blogging? 

My favorite pieces to blog about are the journey of motherhood, the upbringing of my daughter, safe, green and non-toxic products for mama and baby. I got into blogging after sharing my first pregnancy updates on Instagram. I received a lot of support from other mothers and it inspired me to consider blogging. Little did I know it would take over my entire focus.  



Being a mom must be a huge job in addition to a blogger, how to manage your time?
Definitely it is. Today it took me almost one hour to take one simple shot of a product because my daughter kept coming and bombarding my set-up with her toys or simply was being antsy in trying to get my attention. I manage my time by coordinating better with my daughter’s sleep, nap and play schedule. Otherwise it would be impossible. I schedule most of my workload when she naps and when she sleeps at night, meaning I end up staying up late at night to complete my tasks especially when I have deadlines. I try to distract her with playtime and I quickly squeeze in some work right in between. This method has been working for me thus far. Some days when I am extremely tied up, I ask my husband or sister to watch her for a few hours while I get the job done.



You talk about the “organic lifestyle”, explain more about that to us? 

Before entering motherhood, I rarely evaluated the products I was investing my money on (ranging from food to beauty products and to even clothes). My mom is a big believer of the organic and healthy lifestyle so she always emphasized on it but it only caught my interest when I became a mother myself. I started asking my mom questions and she educated me a lot about the importance of evaluating the products for the sake of our health and wellness. An organic lifestyle is to surround oneself with knowledge of what you decide to purchase, promote and use on a regular basis. As a mother, it becomes even more important because your level of knowledge and decision on the products purchased affects not only yourself but your husband and children. I also like to take it one step further in connecting it with a more spiritual vibe. An organic lifestyle can also include surrounding yourself with positivity. Just as we cleanse our bodies through healthier food, use non-toxic and safe products for a healthier environment, we can also purify our souls. I am a big believer that process will inevitably have a greater impact on the psychological balance of your mental state. And if mama is healthy, then that sets the benchmark for the rest of the family—aka a living, walking and talking example for the kids.



How would you describe your own personal style? 

My style is feminine and comfortable. As my 13-year-old niece says “Sadii, one day you are Miss. Kate Spade classy while other days you are just “tumbler””. I had no idea what tumbler meant until she defined it as cozy, comfortable yet chic. How does she know all this? Teenagers these days surprise me.



Favorite spots in Los Angeles?

There’s a Starbucks right off PCH in Malibu. It has a few shops, made up of modern wood, ocean on one side and hills on the other. It is one of our go-to places for a quick breakfast or if I need to clear my mind and complete some work.

2.    The Getty Center

3.    LACMA

4.    Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood

5.     iPic dine-in movie theater.  



A staple piece in your closet you where way too much? 

At the moment, my PinkBLush ripped maternity skinny Jeans. I can live in them, they are so comfortable and go well with everything. During pregnancy you are only seeking comfort, even in skinny jeans.



What do you hope readers take away from your blog? 

I hope my readers take away inspiration and motivation from my posts. It would make my day to know if even one of my readers were inspired by a story I shared or purchased a product I recommended and it worked for them as well. Or if a reader of mine were to have a bad day and visited my blog, they felt uplifted and motivated to continue and be hopeful for tomorrow. Sending positive vibes through each and every post is my mission.


A trend you hope makes a come-back or never goes away? 

I love lace. I know there was a moment (and somewhat probably is except that I feel velvet may be taking over) where lace was everywhere and everything. I think it is a timeless piece and can always look good no matter what era we are in.



Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you? 

I do not drink. At all. I am against alcohol consumption.  



Favorite quote? 

“Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence”.





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