"Pure Love" Healing Necklace 49308

by Adina - Eight Energies





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"Pure Love" will help you to: - attract love into your life - heal, open and strengthen your heart - raise your self-esteem - soothe a wounded heart - experience and express divine love - look at the bright side of life MORE ABOUT THIS PIECE: Love is the essence of life. It is everywhere present, even in your every breath. When you open your awareness to love, when you fill your life with love, you feel alive "Pure Love" will help you heal and open your heart to new love. ROSE QUARTZ heals the wounds of a broken heart. It helps you to forgive and let go; to balance emotions and heal emotional traumas. It helps you discover the ability to love yourself and be more open. Rose Quartz is a soft, gentle, soothing stone that warms the heart center. It brings out the best in you & teaches you to see the positive in life while raising one‘s self-esteem & sense of self-worth. . OCEAN JASPER is a stone of joy & high spirits. It supports the expression of love in one‘s words & deeds, and helps to realize what & whom one truly loves. It brings one‘s consciousness to the present moment, relieving worry about the future or bitterness about the past. THE EIGHT refers to the concept of infinity. It symbolizis the nature of reality where everything is interrelated and only exist as part of a web karma and its effect. It surrounds you with the feeling of unity and infinite possibilities in life. AFFIRMATION: “I am pure love.�?

material: 6mm Ocean Jasper, 6mm Rose Quartz, 925 Silver,
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