"Peaceful Warrior" Healing Necklace 49311

by Adina - Eight Energies





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This necklace is good for you when you: - feel depressed, weak and with low energy - feel anger inside of you - have difficulties concentrating or focusing - feel spaced out, ungrounded and scattered - need stability in times of change - want to restore vitality, strength & energy - feel more grounded and empowered MORE ABOUT THIS PIECE: A Peaceful Warrior is someone who keeps getting back up even when life knocks him down; It is someone with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. Lava is the physical embodiement of fire. It will help you learn about your own fire. The energy of fire is direct, powerful and impassioned bringing about swift action towards long-sought after goals. It provides stability in times of change and helps to dissipate anger, provides guidance and understanding as it assists one in „bouncing back“. It will strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. Garnet leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on anything life has to throw at you. It is one of the oldest healing crystals in the world known for its energizing & revitalizing energy. Garnet can lift depression and help keep thoughts on a higher level. It helps to keep your mind on your goals. Garnet brings out your passion for life and living, restoring your vitality and giving you a boost in energy & strength. The Eight refers to the concept of infinity. It symbolizis the nature of reality where everything is interrelated and only exist as part of a web karma and its effect. It surrounds you with the feeling of unity and infinite possibilities in life. Affirmation: “My inner strength is a mighty fortress.�?

material: 6mm Lava, 6mm Garnet, 925 Silver
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