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For AW07/08 Osman Ozdemir introduces hand painted ,high quality silver manipulated CINI; piece of earthenware decorated with opaque colored glazes and motifs on buttons, garments and decorative accessorizes and highly inspirational prints from the modern Kütahya; the Cotiaeum of the Romans, is located in what was anciently known as Phrygia; famous for its legendary King Midas, the last of the Phrygian kings who lived to regret his wish that all he touch be turned to gold. The cinis and motifs from Kutahya are reflected in dark blue, red, turquoise and beige interrupted by cotton velvet, cotton canvas, silk georgette, silk satin and blocks of silver. Designer approaches the blank canvas of their own faces with colour and form. Cini merges delicate beautiful ribbed cotton fabrics lined in ultra soft silk printed and batik painted with cini designs. The layering, pleating of his fabrics creates clever volumes on areas of the female form that contrast with and bring attention to the legs. Emphasising innate individuality and his hands-on creative process itself, beautifully abstract cini-print design prints abudantly wrapped dresses in silk satin. Garment construction incorporates manipulation of handcrafted accessorizes with heavy and light fabrics and knitwear. Knitwear is handcrafted from the combination of satin and cotton.

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