Mink Alaskan Fur Bomber & Trapper Styler Hat 27782

by Alicia Rosalind




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Real mink fur, velvet, customized inner lining, deerskin lace ties. *Mink fur is not always available. After you inquire or place your order we will notify you if it is available. This line of bomber hats (sometimes called trapper hats) are incredibly warm with two flaps and are sewn by hand exclusively in Alaska. Following the values of Alicia Rosalind these hats are made of the finest materials, including real tanned fur from Alaska such as beaver, otter, rabbit and mink. Each hat is made to order. As soon as you place your order we will work with you to plan what color velvet you would like and what design for the inner lining you would like. Several colors and patterns are available and you will have the chance to customize every aspect of your bomber hat. Production time is 1.5-3 weeks depending on order load. Adult sizes are around 24"-25" in head measurements (around the head starting from the middle of the forehead). If you would like a hat outside of these measurements please get in touch with us before or when you place your order. A note about fur: As it is part of the local culture in Alaska we believe that animal fur should be used respectfully and practically, never in excess and always taken from a sustainable hunting system. The traditions of Alaskan Natives demonstrate that it is imperative to use every part of a hunted animal for some practical use. Alicia Rosalind fur bomber hats are not made by Alaskan natives. However, we completely and wholeheartedly embrace the custom of maximizing the use of an animal’s skin and believe that these furs should be treated with respect. Fur’s price is also indicative of its intrinsic value, and our hats are priced accordingly. We urge you to treat your own fur bomber hat with respect. A hat should last you a lifetime and should be passed down through the generations.

material: Real Mink Fur, velvet, quilted inner lining, leather lace
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