Metallic Champagne Gold Leather Silver Lined Cuff 25764

by Karen Koenig




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Who says glam is dead? This is SUCH an incredibly fun, funky, and just uber-cool cuff. A definite new persoanl favorite of ours. We hope you love it too! One of our signature silver lined cuffs, faced with a GORGEOUS genuine lambskin leather which has been treated to give it a metallic disco ball-like surface. This leather is stunning in person, and truly, the very best photos of this piece doesn't even come close to capturing the sheer beauty. The leather is a soft gold, more like a champagne color, and shimmers and shines at any angle and in any light! Making this already breathtaking leather even more cool, the metallic finish looks like a million little miniature sequins all meticulously place one right next to each other. You can see evidence of the natural leather in between each spot of metallic, and combined, it looks like a fine metallic mesh! This is THE perfect cuff for anyone who wants to be noticed, make a statement, or who isn't afraid of being enviously gawked at! And yes, this *really is* real, genuine leather! NOT a vinyl!!! This is actually such a versatile cuff, would be perfect for a night out, a sunday at the museum, anywhere, anytime! The interior is silver plated, and will fit a variety of wrist sizes, from 5" to over 8". It is adjustable, with the right gentle technique. Each piece will have individual differences in terms of patterning and cut, but rest assured we take the utmost care with each cuff we create, and we work very hard to make each and every one just simply exquisite! DEFINITELY an unusual piece. You won't find these anywhere but here!!!

material: 100% Genuine Lambskin Interior Is Silver Plated
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