Gold Raghouse International Crochet Chain Scarf 109177

by Renaissance Cornela Marie Austin





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CUSTOM ORDERS Raghouse International is a boutique that sells handmade items under the umbrella of knitwear and crochet. Please understand that the Signature Body Knit Dress and Top collection and the Chain Reaction Collection are all custom orders made according to your specific size. The Crochet Hat collection and all other accessories are not custom, but they are handmade, so please expect a wait time when you purchase from my boutique. If your packaged has not arrived within 14 days do contact Raghouse International. I look forward to serving you and delivering a beautiful product to you. Thank you! This is Style 2 of the Chain Reaction Collection. It is a functional piece that can be worn 10 to 12 ways. Please refer to the photos for reference.

material: Cotton or Acrylic Blend
Category: Accessories, Scarves
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Product Number: 109177
It is important to me that all persons are happy and satisfied with their purchases. This is why I take extra care on all orders without rushing. However there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. YOU MAY EXCHANGE YOUR ORDER ONE TIME. REASONS FOR EXCHANGING ORDERS: NOT THE CORRECT SIZING, NOT THE CORRECT COLORING. IT IS MY GOAL TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CUSTOM ORDER FITS CORRECTLY AND IS THE COLOR YOU WANT. WITH GREAT COMMUNICATION YOU WILL RECEIVE A WONDERFUL HANDMADE PIECE FROM RAGHOUSE INTERNATIONAL. Please use discretion and reading all listing information before making your purchase.