“Cachaça Bahia�? – Brazil – Inspired Wooden Bangle B 11959

by Chelsea Bond





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African drums that narrate the cobblestone walkways, tropical weather, Portuguese spoken only the way Brazilians could ever speak it, dancing that requires plenty of cocktails to even attempt to mirror the natives, and martial arts that appear to incorporate the wind into their movements. Where has [Red-I] transported you? That’s right, Bahia, Brazil! There are so many memories of my visit to this palpitating city of samba music and African influence that I could go on seemingly forever. After the voyage from South Africa across the Atlantic I was ready for the place I had longed to visit my entire life. I was far from disappointed. One of the best memories after a long hard day of lying at the beach with friends and shopping throughout the town for local-finds, was the unmatched nightlife. I just so happened to have my 21st birthday in of all places, Brazil. We danced until early hours of the morning and although champagne was definitely a staple, here was where I had my first Caipirinha. For those of you unfamiliar with this nectar of the Gods, it is a concoction that is heaven-sent. The main ingredient is the national alcoholic beverage – cachaça, sugar and fresh lime. Cachaça is the alcohol that is the result of fermented sugarcane and then distilled. No cachaça in the cabinet? Don’t worry, there’s a version that is similar called Caipiroska or Caipirinsky which uses Vodka. If you get the chance – go for the real deal, put on your “Cachaça Bahia�? – Brazil – Inspired wooden bangle bracelet and samba the night away! This hand-painted wooden bangle bracelet incorporates the national colors in an abstract way to adorn your wrist. It is a blend of South American and African influence with the popular wooden jewelry found on both continents.

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