Bright Aqua Genuine Snakeskin Silver Capped Cuff - Matte Fin 25612

by Karen Koenig





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An UNEARTHED Silver Capped Cuff in a beautiful matte finish genuine snakeskin! This particular snakeskin is incredible - a perfect aqua color, not particularly green, not really blue, just a perfect almost indescribable in between. And unlike most of our other snake skins has NOT been given a gloss coat. Instead, it has an incredibly soft, suede-like matte finish. We simply can't even begin to describe how soft and luxurious this snakeskin is, the texture is outstanding and is the softest skin we've ever offered in the shop. It has a velvety soft finish and is absolutely gorgeous. This incredible finish coupled with the mesmerizing and versatile cool color make this piece simply unforgettable! Our Capped Cuffs have a heavy silver plating, and are just spectacular in person. A good amount of weight to it, enough to make it substantial without being too heavy or overbearing. The cuff has a spring opening, wich makes it extremely easy to slip on and off. A very comfortable cuff, and one that will work well for all wrists sizes, small and large. Measurements are as follows: Front of cuff: 2" (5cm) top to bottom Back of cuff: 1.5" (3.75cm) top to bottom 2.75" (7cm) across the top, end to end This bracelet works wonderfully as a cuff worn at the wrist, or higher up on the arm, and additionally as a bangle style cuff for those with more petite wrists!

material: Genuine snakeskin silver plated
Category: Jewelry
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