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Triple Moonstone Crystal & Silver Sun Bracelet

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Triple Strand of Moonstone with a Sun Toggle Clasp - Moonstone correlates to the second chakra that represents warmth, passion, emotional rejuvenation and clarity of feelings. Chakras are seven energy centers down our bodies that maintain personal and current states of wellbeing. Moonstone soothes stress, anxiety and PMS. A bracelet to make any woman happy. One of a kind and powerful, it reacts to the moon and the ocean tides, a feminine stone for sure. Crystals are used to align the chakras to keep you in balance and happy. "Moonstone has been used for its healing and spiritual abilities for years. Because moonstone represents the goddess, it is often known as a feminine stone, but it can be helpful to men as well. Like the goddess it represents, moonstone can protect; aid in intuition, wishes and gentleness; and helps you attain a greater understanding of your feelings." We get the most metaphysical properties from crystals when worn closest to our skin- what makes hand selected crystal jewelry ideal! All my crystals have been cleansed & recharged under the light of the full moon! These pieces are handcrafted with semiprecious gemstones and should be handled with care.

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