Why Sell on UsTrendy

Why Join UsTrendy?

UsTrendy is dedicated solely to helping Independent Fashion designers. The company was first built on the notion that a select few retailers should not control & filter which designers advance in the industry. UsTrendy allows designers from all over the world with all different backgrounds a fair shot at having their designs sold & promoted.

The UsTrendy community is made up of thousands of designers & thousand of avid shoppers looking for Independent Fashion.

UsTrendy serves as a bridge between these avid shoppers and Independent Fashion designers. At same time, UsTrendy supports designers by providing them with promotion of lines, runaway shows in major fashion weeks (such as London Fashion Week) & many other perks such as cash prizes. Some past promotions have included Perez Hilton and Nylon Magazine.

Uploading items to store the will also enable UsTrendy staff to feature your items in our daily promotions, features, and blogs.

Why UsTrendy?

  • UsTrendy features designers work in campaigns across major media publications such as Perez Hilton and Nylon Magazine.

  • UsTrendy sponsors and provides designers with their own runway shows in major fashion weeks.

  • UsTrendy provides designers with funding for their indie clothing lines.

  • Social Media and PR promotion for designers. UsTrendy is dedicated to promoting the designers who sell on their site through press and across social media.

  • Major exposure through competitions.

  • Each season UsTrendy holds some of the largest competitions on the web where thousands of people vote on products. The winning designers gain funding for their clothing lines.

  • Tap into a new consumer market. Unlike other marketplaces the UsTrendy Store is geared towards the fashion savy shopper and gen y. The sleek look and feel of indie clothing online store combined with many fan and shopping applications allows fans to engage with your products in many ways.

Lastly, it's Free to post your work. There is no listing fee! So what do you have to lose?

Give It A Shot!