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v2Chakra Crystal Bracelet • Brazilian Tumbled Amethyst Crystal Bracelet w/ Buddha Bead

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You can trace the lineage of these amethyst crystals directly to the sacred mines of our partner Gina's mines in Brazil. Highly energized and beautiful, this bracelet looks fabulous on it's own or stacked with others. The buddha is made of resin and some yogis prefer wearing the bracelet with the buddha on their pulse or on the inside, middle of the wrist. Amethyst Crystalogy: ॐ Amethyst is the “stone of spiritual contentment.” It is also the birthstone of February. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies to higher frequencies. It balances emotional, intellectual & physical energies of the body, as well as the physical & metaphysical energies. Amethyst is a great crystal for meditation as it is an excellent conductor of peaceful energy for one to maintain that state. It is used for mental clarity, stability, strength, and peace. Even the Pope wears amethyst. It represents the communication chakra. Chakras are seven energy centers down our bodies that maintain personal and current states of wellbeing. Crystals are used to align the chakras to keep you in balance and happy.

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