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Top "Mademoiselle" by Madame Bergamote

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Madame Bergamote is a young brand of feminine ready-to-wear clothing creates soon one year ago, by Hélène Kessous and Vanessa Vannier. Both very different, we are complementary and every collection allows us to conjugate our talents. Collections consist of noble and natural materials, strictly selected by Hélène during her journeys in India, to take then life under Vanessa's pencil. Of our inspirations retro - romantic arise from feminine, vaporous models, soft, which we can wear in any circumstances. The woman Madam Bergamote, is an active woman who knew how to keep guard a part of innocence. We like working simple and classic, smart and elegant lines, but always with a touch of whim. The wink of eye in the childhood continues as the seasons go by through our cut idol: "biscuit" In spite of the aestheticism for which we look in our models, the practical and comfortable aspect is not less important there. Color: white whith a spangles bow Fashion designer: Madame Bergamote Size: S

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