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Tiger's Eye and Amethyst Crystal Chakra Stretchy Bracelet - Chic & Stackable

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This bracelet is the star of v2Crystals' Chakra Collection. This stretchy bracelet is completely made of sacred hand selected Amethyst and Tigers Eye crystals from Brazil with copper spacers. Large beautiful crystals! Let us know your size wrist so we can customize it perfectly for you! - msg us or email: info at v2crystals dot com METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF TIGERS EYE • Tigers Eye is a great stone for people needing to make a change as it keeps you grounded. • Tiger’s Eye promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps one to be practical. • Tigers Eye helps those who are nervous, anxious, or fearful much of the time, and is especially helpful if you're feeling drained or unfocused Amethyst is incredible fir mental clarity and calm! Chakra crystal bracelets are all handmade and should be handled with care. Check out other colored stones and start to collect a stack of your own or for someone you know. The best way to get the benefits of hand selected crystals is by wearing them.

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