Slippers are comfy options for wearing around the house, but just because they are worn in the home doesn't mean they should be lacking in style. You never know who's going to come knocking, after all. With our cute slippers, you can feel cozy and unique even in your nightwear. There are plenty of guys who think that a girl is as attractive in her comfy clothes as she is in sexy dresses, so having a bit of style in both is a plus.

Slippers are the best thing for wandering around the house without your feet getting cold or dusty. They serve a very practical purpose for people, especially in the winter, but that doesn't mean that they need to be boring. At UsTrendy, we have slippers that are cute and comfy and look nothing like your grandmothers'… though based on her vintage clothing, maybe you don't want to rag on her style too much.