Sandals are the best type of shoes for summer hands down. There are tons of options for sandals that will be fun, bright and stylish, but there are plenty of ways to wear them later in the season as well. There are also lots of different clothing types that sandals can complement. For instance, breezy, high-waisted prom dresses look great with a pair of embellished strappy sandals, and a pair of chunky sandals is perfect with a pair of jeans and a unique t-shirt. At UsTrendy, there are tons of sandals for every style and season.

Sandals are available in so many shapes and sizes that you will be amazed at the choices you have. Between peep toes, wedges, strappy sandals, heels, and slingbacks, there are a million ways to match your wardrobe in a cute and stylish way. Even vintage clothing works well with sandals; brown, earth-toned sandals look great with a hippy dress, and leopard prints can embellish an 80's themed outfit. The more options, the more you can do your sandals, and there's no end to the cute styles that UsTrendy has to offer.