Pumps were the staple of the 60's secretary, but times have changed. Pumps are now used not just by the working woman, but by teens in prom dresses, party-goers and fashionistas alike. And thankfully, they now come in colors besides black and nude. Pumps can be worn in so many different ways that your grandmother would have never imagined them in her wildest dreams.

Pumps can come in many different styles and designs for a new and trendy look. While black or tan can be practical for work, at UsTrendy, we have unique designs that will raise eyebrows in the office and make you stand out at any event. Pumps can be coupled with all sorts of formalwear, but they can also be used to dress up jeans. And of course, they can be used to great effect with 50's and early 60's vintage clothing. Our pumps are so useful and stylish that you'll always have something to wear with any outfit.