Flats are some of the most comfortable and versatile shoes that you will ever own. Flats can work for every look you need, whether formal or informal; you can wear them with a skirt or pants suit to work, wear them with your skinny jeans when lounging at home, and give a cute look to your party dresses when you go out in the evening. Flats have so many uses and coordinate so well, you'll never have to run out at the last minute for a pair of shoes ever again.

Flats come in so many colors and varieties that you'll feel spoiled for choice. From your basic black flats that you can wear with almost any outfit to tennis shoes that would look phenomenal with vintage clothes, there's no end to the type of flats you can pair with your clothes. Flats embellished with embroidery, glitter and bows, are also fun and trendy, and can complement your clothes, accessories and your natural coloring. Flats are easily some of the most comfortable, easy-to-wear shoes; once you start wearing them, you'll never give them up.