Pants are one of the most common pieces in any closet, but you don't want the pants themselves to look common. Having a lot of versatile pants is crucial to having a unique selection of clothing. After all, who wants to wear jeans that all look the same every day, especially when there are so many different ways to branch out? From palazzo pants and harem pants to suit pants and sailor trousers, there are so many different varieties that you can use to spice up your appearance. Vintage clothing offers some unique options for pant prints and fabrics as well.

Pants serve a multitude of purposes; whether for work or play, or even both, you can use the right pants to express your unique sense of style. Slimming and professional, a pair of wool trousers can get you through the workday, while a pair of harem pants can give you the chic artistic look perfect for a gallery opening. High-waist pants can evoke your inner Katherine Hepburn and fitted pants can be worn under formal dresses to dress them down or give them an extra zing. Here at UsTrendy, we give you all the options for any event that life throws at you, be it work, fun, or anything in between.