Leggings and tights make up an important part of your closet. Whether you want to stay warm or just look good, you'll need something other than jeans to wear with long sweaters and under party dresses. But if leggings and tights only come in black, gray or nude, you might as well just wear the same pair of jeans everywhere for all of the versatility you'll get out of them. That's why we carry a wide variety of leggings and tights in various colors and styles to augment your wardrobe.

Our leggings and tights can come in so many unique styles that you'll wonder why you ever looked anywhere else. From red tights made of mohair, to American flag leggings, we have everything you need to accentuate your look. Worn with a simple block color shirt, or paired with vintage clothes like a mini baby doll dress, colorful leggings or tights could be the standout feature of your outfit. Here at UsTrendy, our collection of independent designers provides you with what you can't find anywhere else: a unique selection of products that are created for people who are sick of having three colors of leggings and tights to choose from.