Jeans are one of the most basic pieces of clothing in most wardrobes and they can be bought in tons of awesome styles to create every look you love. When buying jeans, you can always find that one pair that fits you perfectly and buy four of them, but would you when there are so many ways to branch out? Here at UsTrendy, we have jean styles to fit every personality and occasion: jeans to dress up, jeans to lounge in, and jeans to flatter your figure no matter where you go. Whether heading to a get-together and wanting to jazz up the staple party dresses, or sitting in a café escaping a rainy day, jeans can help complete your look.

Jeans come in lots of types that can be adapted to any style. Skinny jeans can work for a cute, hipster look, while ripped flares and an off-the-shoulder shirt can give you a casual allure. Form-fitting boot cuts and straight legs in dark washes can be paired with a pair of heels and a blouse to dress up your jeans. Paired with vintage clothing like an interesting print shirt or a short dress, you can use jeans to modernize the old styles and make them your own. And there is no end to the embroidery, writing, and patterns that are available to help you express your personality. At UsTrendy, we give you all the options in jeans you need to make a one-of-a-kind look.