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Are you an Independent Fashion Designer looking for exposure or a way to reach thousands of shopping fanatics with your products?

If so, welcome to UsTrendy, we’ve been waiting for you!

UsTrendy was built for you, under the notion that there are so many talented designers out there in the world who do not have viable ways to grow their lines or gain customer traction.

We built a platform which allows designers such as yourself to reach shoppers directly with your products, gain funding, and receive promotion in major fashion weeks and media. Finally a site which caters 100 percent to you!

We have already had thousands of designers join our site and thrive by building loyal customer bases, gain exposure for their lines across the world, receive funding, exposure in major fashion media, as well as their very own runway shows in major fashion weeks through UsTrendy.

We are proud to be a leader in the independent fashion industry and are amazing designer community is the biggest factor of our success.

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Some Interesting Facts about UsTrendy

Its Free to sign up. Anyone can join. We don’t charge any listing fees from our designers. We charge no maintenance fee.

We give you an opportunity to participate in various contests and competitions throughout the year. Every year, we represent the best performing designer in the London Fashion Week. This year, we are representing, ‘Rochelle Carino” who is known for her fascinating Peacocks Dress.

London fashion week

We cross merchandise your products across multiple categories so that they get higher visibility.

We take a sales commission so we only get paid when you do (15% total with 10 percent to UsTrendy and 5% to paypal).

We have provided thousands of dollars of funding to our designers to help them grow their lines. Top rated designers from our competition receive funding each season.

UsTrendy competition

We offer a separate section to our designers called, “Designer Exclusives” where, they can showcase their masterpieces and generate higher margins.

Designer exclusives

We offer a “Top Selling” section to our shoppers where, we showcase top revenue generating products from thousands of Indie fashion designers.

Top sellers

We also have a section called, “New Arrivals” where, our designers can showcase their new collection and create buzz in the marketplace.

New arrivals

You will also have access to our Facebook Fan Page, which drives a significant % of traffic on the product and shop pages.

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Last but not the least; we share the success of our designers on our Blog that creates lot of engagement between our Designers and Shoppers.

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There are many more things you would experience on UsTrendy once you register and showcase your designs so; what you are waiting for?


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