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In 18th Century France, the great philosopher and libertine Denis Diderot toils on his Encyclopaedia in a country house belonging to Baron Holbach. Diderot’s radical ideas have made him the enemy of the establishment – particularly the Church – who will stop at nothing to destroy the man and his lifelong work to enlighten mankind. Whilst struggling for a definition of the word “moralityâ€Â�?, the philosopher allows an attractive woman artist, Madame Therbouche, to paint his portrait – in the nude - thus giving birth to the term Le Libertine, or as the Queen would say, The Libertine. Definition of libertine:- 1. a person morally or sexually unrestrained. 2. a freethinker in religious matters. 3. a person freed from slavery in ancient Rome. 4. a rake. 5. unrestrained by convention. To make it VERY clear, Le Libertine, Le Chic the earrings are the embodiment of definition (5) ~batting lashes~ these earrings were designed to defy convention with their unabashed drama, glamour and red carpet look-at-me attitude. Expanding upon my signature woven flower (ooh, sounds so posh), I embellished these babies with 150 Genuine 24K Gold Seed Beads each, yes, count 'em, 150 per bloom, with feet after feet after feet after .. you get the idea .. of 14K Gold Filled Wire. The intent was to create a pop-up 3D effect as was captured in images 2 and 4. Shots of subtle color come in the form of AA Rhodolite Garnet as well as AA Neon Apatite (see those hints of sea green?). The heart of these gilded centers are amazing AAA Flawless Polished Green Fluorite Coins, just so so so PERFECT. But wait, my friend, the magic does not end there. Absolutely decadent waterfalls of gem grade baubles drape Southwards and stop traffic with AAA Burmese Rubies, more petite AA Rhodolite Garnets, luscious Rare Green Kyanite and, sound the trumpets, stunning AA Flawless Polished Whiskey Quartz Briolettes. Can you feel those envious looks burning into your back yet? Approximately 79ft of 14K Gold Filled Wire was invested into the making of Le Libertine, Le Chic. I counted. The frames of both flowers were concocted from 18K Solid Yellow Gold, the Fancy Figaro Chains are 14K Gold Filled and her ear posts are 18K Gold Filled. Le Libertine, Le Chic drops a very wearable 2.85" and are fabulously lightweight. { COLLECTION } LE LIBERTINE, LE CHIC is part of the ATELIER ULTRA LUXE Collection, Eclettica's extremely exclusive range of haute pieces wherein only the most superior of gemstones are combined with wire-wrapping artistry to create Couture Heirlooms. LE LIBERTINE, LE CHIC is available exclusively from the studio of Eclettica. { SHIPPING & INSURANCE } All orders are shipped within 48 hours via Registered Airmail which is a Fully Guaranteed and Insured postal service. Akin to USPS Domestic First Class Mail, orders arrive anywhere between 5-10 working days, sooner if you're nearer to Asia. Should you require an expedited service, Global Express is available with rates dependent on your shipping destination. Please convo The Atelier for costs. This service delivers orders between 3-5 working days, and also includes Insurance.

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