Increase Your Sales

How to Increase Sales & Satisfy your Customers on UsTrendy – Basic Tips for Sellers

Give visibility to your item via proper categorization

During the Item Listing process, please make sure that you choose the relevant category for your item because, choosing an irrelevant category can reduce the probability of your item getting located by the potential buyer.
At UsTrendy, we strive to give the maximum visibility to your items by cross-merchandising under different categories. For example, if your item is on SALE, our in-house merchandising team would automatically cross-merchandise your item under “SALE” section. Similarly, if you launch a new item on UsTrendy, our merchandising team would cross-merchandise this new item under “New Arrivals” section, which gets the most visibility on our website. If your item has outperformed consistently in terms of Sales from other items in the marketplace, you would be selected for the “Top Sellers” category.
Like this, we have plenty of other key sections on our marketplace that generates, higher engagement and play a vital role in the buyers buying decision so; let’s work together and give the maximum visibility to your exclusive design in our marketplace.

Keep your item prices appropriate & competitive

Pricing Items is something every seller thinks about. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, but at the same time you want to provide sufficient margin to cover overhead and generate a profit. Therefore, in pricing your exclusive designs, you must consider these 2 factors: What the buyers will bear, and your profit margins. To find out what the buyers will bear, ask yourself this question: Is my item or design unique? If it is--meaning there's little in the way of direct and indirect competition--then you're a market leader and you have more leeway in setting the prices. Just because your item is unique, however, doesn't mean you can charge very high prices. When you have a unique item and you set your prices high, your customers can still pick an alternative item or not buy at all. So; here are some recommendations we would like to make to our designers:

  • While setting up the pricing for your item, always check, what other designers are charging under same category?
  • It’s always better to check other marketplaces and retailer websites and see, what they are charging for the similar designs under same category?
  • You should always calculate and analyze the final cost to the buyer after including Shipping Charge and Taxes.
  • At UsTrendy, we charge NO SALES to our buyers, which reduce the final cost to the buyer by a decent % so; please factor in this value proposition, while setting up your pricing strategy.
  • Don’t forget to leverage our SALE and DAILY DEALS section on the Marketplace, which drives a significant % of traffic and revenue for our designers so; if you have certain items in your catalog which are increasing your inventory cost, you have an option to move your items under this section, and surprise your potential buyers with a decent discount. After all, who doesn’t like their favorite designer items available at discounted rateJ?

Keep your items in-stock and offer aggressive shipping timelines

Often times, it’s quite difficult for the designers to keep ample stock for their designs considering; higher input cost, cash crunch, faster change in the trend and item seasonality.
The other problem that the designers often face is the, BACKORDER state of their items that usually happens when, they are not able to source the raw material from their suppliers on time or, they are busy participating in the fashion events resulting in longer delivery timelines and frustrated buyers.
So; it’s very important for the seasonal designers to forecast their upcoming season based on historical demand, and maintain a decent inventory count for their most viewed, most rated and top-selling designs to avoid longer delivery timelines and loss in revenue.

Offer FREE SHIPPING to your domestic buyers

FREE SHIPPING is one of the most desirable promotions among online buyers. In last couple of years, it has become an ecommerce industry standard and offered on most of the retailers and brands websites. During our online survey of UsTrendy Buyers we found that, lots of buyers requested for a FREE SHIPPING on their orders, and prefer doing a transaction with those indie fashion designers, who offer appropriate and competitive pricing along with FREE SHIPPING. So; we would highly recommend both aspiring and seasonal indie fashion designers to offer FREE SHIPPING on their domestic orders.

Offer a competitive and reasonable shipping rate to your international buyers

On UsTrendy, we invite indie fashion designers all across the world, and give them a global platform to showcase their exclusive catalog. Majority of our designers have a target audience based out of United States, and it’s quite challenging for them to offer a price to these international buyers which is competitive, and doesn’t erode their profit margins. Often times we have seen that, the designers include a certain % of their item cost in to international shipping charge or, they decide a shipping cost without consulting their shipping carrier, which makes the shipping cost quite ridiculous. Both these approaches results in a higher exit % from the item pages because, buyers are quite smart these days, and they compare multiple designers based on different aspects, and shipping cost is among the major criteria so; when you set the international shipping cost for your item, please consult your local shipping carrier and explore the alternative carrier services and compare their rates and service.

Keep your Item Titles relevant, succinct & searchable

Writing a good item title is important because, buyers find your items based on title.

  • You can enter up-to 55 characters – Use as much of this space as you can.
  • Use words that clearly describe your item and are used for searching items like yours.
  • State exactly what your item is, even if it repeats the category name.

Example of a good title
“ Sleeveless Pink Sequin Party Dress”  or  “ Grey White Striped Halter Top ”

     Example of Poor title
“ Tina Dress”   or  “ Ziggy Top”

It’s all about the first 160 characters of your Item Description

Describe your item completely to inform buyers, build their trust, and answer their questions. The first 160 characters of your product description decides whether, buyer is interested in your item or not so; provide relevant and engaging information in the first 2-3 lines of your product description. The more detail, the better.
Include the following details, if applicable:

  • Item features: List all the benefits, specifications, and parts of the item.
  • Item condition: Is the item new, used, or still under warranty? Note any flaws or repairs.

Answers to common questions: What material is the item made of? When was it made? What company, artist, designer, or author made it? What are its dimensions? What country or location is it from? Does it have a special background or history?

Images do bring life to your item so, offer a clear frontal view of your item

On UsTrendy, a picture really is worth a thousand words-buyers really wants to see what an item looks like before they decide to buy. Include pictures of your item to greatly increase your chances of success.
How it works?
Once you have digital pictures ready on your computer, you can add them to your listing by clicking on the "Add Pictures" button, and browse the files on your computer to find the pictures you want to upload.
Picture Selection Tips for the Seller/Designer

  • While taking the photograph of your item, make more emphasis on the merchandise rather than the model or mannequin wearing it.
  • The main image of the product should have a clear frontal view.
  • Choose an elegant background for your item so that, it doesn’t overshadow your merchandise.

Having an Item Alternate View makes the purchase decision faster

During the online survey of the indie fashion buyers on our marketplace, lot of our valuable buyers requested for atleast 2-3 alternate views of the item in order to make a fast and calculated buying decision for their chosen items. So; we would like to highly recommend you uploading atleast 2-3 alternate views of your item during item listing process.
Picture Selection Tips for the Seller/Designer

  • The alternate view of your item includes the BACK VIEW, the SIDE VIEW or any other view that showcases your item well, and helps the customer in making their buying decision faster.
  • Differentiate your alternate views from the Main Item Image. We have seen lot of designers on UsTrendy uploading their main image as the alternate view, which really frustrates the buyer so; avoid doing these kinds of mistakes.
  • While taking the photograph of your item, make more emphasis on the merchandise rather than the model or mannequin wearing it.
  • Choose an elegant background for your item so that, it doesn’t overshadow your merchandise.

Your Return & Shipping policy builds up credibility

While listing your item on UsTrendy, we highly recommend all our indie fashion designers to provide a detailed Shipping and Return Policy against their item. Here are some tips we would like to share with our designers/sellers:
Shipping Policy Tips:

  • Provide details regarding your shipping carrier and the expected delivery timeline.
  • Provide handling time for your item.
  • Provide your domestic and international shipping charges.
  • Provide details regarding ownership of custom duties in case of international orders.
  • Provide terms and conditions in regards to item lost in transit, item breakage, item theft and shipment delays.

Return Policy Tips:

  • Mention whether you accept returns or not?
  • In case of returns, how would you compensate the buyer i.e. Store Credit, Money Back or Exchange?
  • Mention a reasonable return acceptance period.
  • Mention who would be responsible for return shipment cost?

Offer customized items to your buyers that meet their needs

There are various product categories on UsTrendy where, we offer customization capability to our valuable shoppers. For example, Dresses, Tops, Jewelry etc. If you are a new and aspiring designer on UsTrendy, and market your products under above categories then, do mention during your item listing process whether, you accept customized orders or not?
In case you accept customized orders, ask body dimensions, material, color and style information from your potential buyers.

Respond to your customer queries within 24 hours

Often times, buyers have some specific questions in their mind while reviewing the product information on the website, and they want to directly interact with their designers so; it’s very important for the designer to respond to those queries on time so that, buyer can make his purchase decision faster. We highly recommend all our indie fashion designers to respond to buyer queries with-in 24 hours.

Offer quality post sale service to your buyers

In order to convert your new customers in to repeat, every designer needs to focus on their post sale services. Your post sale service impacts the customer satisfaction rate significantly so; it’s very important for the designer to focus on the following areas after customer successfully places an order:

    • Provide the expected delivery date along with carrier information.
    • Provide an email notification to the buyer in case the shipment is expected to delay.
    • Make sure your package the item properly with enough packing material to protect the item from getting damaged during shipment.
    • Provide the return label to the buyer in case he wants to return the item.
    • Explain the return terms and conditions on the product page as well as on the shipment invoice.
    • Provide timely refunds, exchanges or store credit to the buyer.
    • The shipment invoice should be itemized and include, Item Price, Shipping and any Tax information.
    • In case the item is customized as per buyer needs, mention it on the invoice.