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How to Buy on UsTrendy – Basic Tips for the Buyers

I am the first time visitor on UsTrendy, from where should I start browsing?

Being a first time shopper on UsTrendy, we know you have some personal objectives in mind and you are looking for something exclusive for your wardrobe. Something, that reveals a fine balance between a Style and a Fashion; something that gives you an extra edge among your friends; something that gives you a sense of gratification when you wear that design; something that fits in your budget and makes you feel proud of your purchase.
Let us take this opportunity, and tell you a secret about how to browse our Indie Fashion Shop in a most efficient way, and get the value of your time and money.

Check our Top Selling Items (“Most Value of your Time and Money”)

If you are looking for something special for an occasion and doesn’t want to take a risk of picking a style which is new and has not been reviewed by our valuable shoppers, we would highly recommend checking out our “Top Selling” section and pick any item that meet your shopping objectives and gives you a pleasure of owning that style.

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Check our New Arrivals (“An Exclusive section for Fashioniastics”)

If you are among that crazy group of “fashioniastics”, who constantly look for a new trend and wants to have it in their wardrobe at any cost, we would highly recommend checking out our “New Arrivals” section.

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Check our Designer Masterpieces (“For Value Hunters”)

Every designer in the marketplace wants to be re-known for their artistic work, and in order to achieve that fame, they work pretty hard to produce that one masterpiece that differentiates them from the mass and gives an extra edge among their peers. To show our gratitude towards these Indie Fashion Designers, UsTrendy is offering a “Designers Exclusives” section in their marketplace showcasing some of the fascinating masterpieces from our designers, which are available for our valuable shoppers like YOU!

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Check our Exclusive Vintage Collection (“For our Classy Shoppers”)

Over the past few months, we have seen a rising demand for Vintage Clothing & Accessories on our marketplace, and in order to satisfy the craving of our Vintage Shoppers, we have added an altogether new section on our website showcasing some of the exclusive vintage collection from our designers and we would highly recommend checking out this section.

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Check our Sales and Daily Deals Section (“For Bargain Hunters”)

If you are among those shoppers, who are die heart bargain hunters and always look for great deals, you should check our “Sales” and “Daily Deals” section where, you can avail amazing discounts up to 50% on some of our key categories such as, Dresses, Accessories, Shoes and Boots etc.

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Still not sure what you are looking for?
Ohhhh!! Don’t worry!! Let us walk you through our complete catalog and give you an opportunity to browse as per your discretion. Use the following navigational bar and browse through any category of your choice.

Do I have to register on UsTrendy to browse the marketplace?

Absolutely Not!! You can browse our entire marketplace and access some of our exclusive sections without creating an account. So; what you are waiting for? Just use our Top and Left Navigation bar and start your browsing. If you are new and don’t know where to start, just click here.

Do I have to sign in before I place an order?

Nope!! You can place an order on our marketplace without creating an account. Unlike other marketplaces, we don’t force our shoppers to create an account during the checkout process though, we give you an option to sign in after you are done with your purchasing so that, we could learn more about your shopping behavior, and target you with relevant offers and discounts and personalize your online experience in future.

Where can I find some new and exclusive designs from my designer?

We have recently launched a new section on our marketplace i.e. “Designer Shops”; that you can access from the Top Navigation Bar. This section contains a directory of all the Indie Fashion Designers on our marketplace and you can search for your favorite designer based on his Name and Location. Besides this, you can also filter down the list of designers based on your desired Product Category or, the Item Name.

Where can I find the top selling items in your marketplace?

Go to our Home Page, there you can find a section by the name of “Top Sellers” in the Left Navigation bar. In this section, you would find a list of all those products that have been sold the most in last few weeks.

I am looking for some great bargains. Where should I start?

Every week, we get a significant % of buyers on our website that look for special deals and discounts. To target these shoppers, we have introduced couple of new sections on our marketplace i.e. SALE and DAILY DEALS; which offers some amazing deals on exclusive designs from hundreds of indie fashion designers. You can find these 2 sections on the left hand navigation of our home page.

What all payment methods supported on your marketplace?

Currently, we support all the major credit cards i.e. VISA, American Express, Discover and Master Card. Besides that, we entertain PayPal transactions too.

When my credit card would be charged?

We charge your credit card immediately after your place an order.

How can I track the status of my order?

Very soon, we are going to launch a new section on our website called, “Order History” through which, our buyers would be able to track the status of their orders and see their past transaction history.

How can I cancel my order?

Currently, we don’t offer Order Cancellation feature on our website but, the buyers have an option to cancel their order by giving a call to our call center rep with-in 30 minutes of placing their order.

I want to return my order. Will I be responsible for return shipping?

Majority of our designers accept returns for their orders. As far as return shipping is concerned, we would recommend checking the Return Policy of the designer on the Product Page before placing an order. At present, most of our designers transfer their return shipping cost on the buyer.

By when can I expect the refund?

It again depends on Designer to Designer. We highly recommend checking the Return Policy of the designer on the Product Page before placing an order.

Can I ship my items to multiple locations?

At present, we do not entertain multi-ship to orders but, you can always place multiple orders with your preferred shipping location.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

At UsTrendy, we do not charge SALES TAX to our buyers in all 50 states of United States, and in all those countries where our designers ship their orders.

How can I save my chosen items for future purchase?

We offer a WISHLIST feature on our website, which allows our buyers to save their items in a persistent cart for a lifetime. If, the designer discontinue your chosen item or, it goes out of stock, then that item would automatically be removed from the Wishlist.

Will you notify me for the out of stock item?

At UsTrendy, we don’t send an Item Availability notification to our buyers but, you can send a personalized request to your favorite designer using, “Ask a Question” feature on the Product Page. Most of our indie fashion designer are quite receptive to buyer questions and usually respond within 24 hours.

Do you incentivize your buyers for repeat purchases?

Yes. We send some exclusive offers and discounts to our repeat buyers via email based on their past transaction history so; the more you buy the more you earn. It’s simple!!