Hey!, We're new here, so just a few FAQs so far. Keep checking this section for Frequently Asked Questions.

If you found a bug, please refer to: http://ustrendy.com/found_bug/

To contact us, please use the form at: http://ustrendy.com/contact_us/


 1. How much does it cost to join?

It is 100% free to join and upload work!  


2. What are trendy points?

We here at Ustrendy want to reward all our great users for all their activity. You can get trendy points for voting, coming back to site, referring friends, and other activity. The trendy points can be used for:

- Free Trips to Major Fashion Weeks

- Free Designer Unique Clothing

- Cash Prizes

- Many other cool prizes 

 3. If I post my work, does UsTrendy own it? Or am I bound to only showcase my work on UsTrendy?

No, you own 100% rights to all your work. We do not own or have rights to anything you post on UsTrendy. You are not bound to only showcase your work on UsTrendy. You can showcase your work anywhere else you please.  


4. How does the Profile Picture feature work? It keeps getting cut off!?

Profile picture works best when it uses a horizontal (landscape) layout with dimensions of indicated. A cropping tool is included to help you make the picture represent you at your best! Go to Account and then set cropping method to manual. It will allow you to manually crop your profile picture.


5. How often do UsTrendy events take place?

Our goal is to sponsor one event each season in cities across the country.


6. How does UsTrendy decide which items to produce?

Through your votes, YOU decide which items to produce.  We then produce the highest rated designs for that season.


7. Who will be featured in UsTrendy events?

YOU decide who will be featured in UsTrendy events, by determining with your votes the top-rated talents for that season.


8. How will transfer of payment work?

Once sale occurs on UsTrendy. UsTrendy will immediately send you funds via paypal or check, whichever method of payment you prefer.


9. Who produces the fashion items?

Our products are manufactured by high-quality producers.  The quality is comparable to Banana Republic.  


10. How are fans chosen to receive prizes?

Prizes are drawn randomly, based on the number of times you have voted.  The more you vote, the better your chance of winning a prize.


11. How will purchased items be delivered?

a) Art pieces will be delivered by the selling artists.

b) Indie Clothing produced outside UsTrendy will be delivered by the designer.

c) Clothing produced by UsTrendy will be delivered by us.


12. How do the Rankings work, and how do you decide what items are produced or promoted?

A mathematical formula combines the number of times an item has been viewed with the rating during each of those viewings.


13. What is UsAwareness?

UsAwareness is the social responsibility aspect of our operation.  We are most proud of this aspect! Unlike many other corporations, which are only socialy responsible when their profit is wide enough, we are committed to making the world a better place from the beginning!


14. What organizations benefit from UsAwareness?

We plan to work closely with organizations that are most relevant to the UsTrendy community.  Our goal, in the near future, is to set up a democratic system where YOU, the users, will decide on the causes that we should fight for.  This is consistent with our commitment to YOU and your decisions on trends in indie fashion and art.


15. Can people outside of U.S. participate in UsTrendy.

Yes, ofcourse! UsTrendy welcomes the participation of people from around the world. Anyone from anywhere can join and participate in all competitions, contests, and gain all benefits of being UsTrendy user. 


16. How come I can't upload work?

When you log in. You should have a navigation bar at top of page which says " portfolio" 

Click on it. Then click on " add photo"

If you do not have this portfolio button in your navigation bar. You need to update your browser.

Click here or paste this link into your browser. 

If using Internet Explorer -  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx

If using Firefox - http://www.mozilla.org/download.html

If using Safari - http://www.apple.com/safari/download/ 


17. How is the UsTrendy fee calculated?

a) Self-Produced:

Designers' Share: 80%
PayPal: 5%
UsTrendy: 15%


b) UsTrendy Produced (If UsTrendy produces your clothing with your permission)
Cost of Production: 30%
Cargo/Tariff: 5%
Royalty to Designers: 25%
PayPal: 5%
UsTrendy: 35%

Artists' share: 85%
PayPal: 5%
UsTrendy: 10%

** Price does not include Shipping and Handling