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demigod biohazard apocaliptick angel goth mens jacket
ByNataliya Meyer

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this jacket is size midium -large i can custome make it though in any size it is purly cotton denim outside fabrick and cotton inside so it will wear out eavenly the front this gacket has side buttons going all the way down x usable buttons and x paralel decorative buttons on one side. the opposite shouer has 6 decorative buttons one of wich is usable also. the very front of this jacket has biohazard stishing the bottom of the front has two usable pockets the back the bootom has two openings and the realy owsome part is the back of the jacket has huge black wings stiched all the way down the sleaves each sleave has 8 decorative buttons and a usable siggaret or wallet or ipod or whatever pocket on the byceps this garment is fully lined and the lining is black and white sculls if u need any extra pictures or meccurments i can provide tham

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