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Container modern silver necklace 22453
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Product Info

This necklace is unique every time you wear it, because it opens and you can use it as a tiny container!!!!! Just use your imagination!! You can have all small items just on your neck!! It can be pins, secret note, pencils or what ever you can think of! It can be customized depending on your mood and small objects that you have. Just make it double on your neck and you have a new necklace too!!! Another amazing thing about this piece is that glass that we are using is medical, meaning that it is very thick and can NOT be broken easily! :] Tubes: 9 x 45mm Chain - 23'' ] * Handmade jewelry is unique. Meaning that pieces of the same design may look the same, but it might be slightly different from the one in the picture. Because we hand solder, hand cut the glass and hand saw every item!!! No casting, that every one of you would have unique piece of jewelry!!! ******** * Every item will be handcrafted, so please allow up to seven (4) working days to make the order before shipping.

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If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your order so we can resolve things together :]

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